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Gong Hee Fot Choy
Gong Hee Fot Choy Spread
Nine of Clubs in the House of Compasses
The vibration around you is lucky. At times you may hear someone express you are a lucky person. Now if luck has not been on your side, repeat to yourself I am a lucky person. This vibration will start working for you.
Ten of Spades in the House of Wishes
Your wish pertains to a desire to obtain facts important to you. Check card in the House of Sun; if a spade you will find out something disappointing; if a heart, diamond or club then the facts will be pleasant.
Jack of Hearts in the House of Success
Your success lies with the public's fancy. Cultivate a pleasing manner and become popular. Also indicates work with fame, or famous people.
Nine of Hearts in the House of Moon
You will be very happy if you get your wish; or through the love or esteem of someone your wish is possible. Future happiness indicated.
Ace of Clubs in the House of Surprises
You will be surprised over a gift you receive; something you never expected; or an offer made for your services, or a raise in position or salary.
Jack of Spades in the House of Popularity
A deceitful person will be nice to your face and criticize at your back; beware of trouble with this person. If you are a professional person you will be famous with the public. Looks like work in the media for you.
Jack of Diamonds in the House of Abode
You can expect hasty news to be delivered to your home soon, a telegram or long-distance call or airmail letter; or news pertaining to property. Good news.
Seven of Diamonds in the House of Journey
Through a change of conditions or a trip, you will bring about success; or if you are contemplating a trip, it will be successful and free from danger.
Queen of Diamonds in the House of Papers
You may be called into court, either as a witness, jury duty, or to protect your own interests. Something where time is set for your appearance; or a business deal closed.
Queen of Spades in the House of Vocation
You have been retarded in what you are doing through nagging relatives; or hampered through money; or people do not appreciate your loyal service or what you do for them.
Eight of Spades in the House of Marriage
You will have trouble in your marriage over money or relatives; or you will be a peacemaker between married persons; or you will have a failing out with friends; or you wish guests would leave.
Jack of Clubs in the House of Happiness
Relatives influence your happiness; if they interfere, like a mother-in-law, or some sort of interfering person, get away from their influence.relatives will bring enjoyment into your life. Enjoyment comes through children or good friends.
Seven of Hearts in the House of Enjoyment
Many nice invitations will come to you within the next few months that you will enjoy immensely. Shopping for new clothing should be an enjoyable experience too!
King of Diamonds in the House of Messages
If you are a writer, you will receive a telephone call regarding some article, play, etc.; an artist, a call about art; a layman, a call about an investment. Information about something that is used in everyday life and where a paper could be involved.
Queen of Hearts in the House of Relatives
You will have many friends where you live, and they will be as dear as relatives.
Ten of Hearts in the House of Health
You will hear of a wedding that makes you sick at heart; or there will be a uniting of something in your community that will be for the betterment of the public's health.
King of Hearts in the House of Money
A large sum of money comes to you through the efforts of another, like a father, uncle, or a dear friend; or a business transaction brings you enjoyment. Good business for amusement places, summer resort or theater, etc.
Seven of Spades in the House of Seasons
If you are ailing or someone in your immediate family is sick, a change of environment will help. Next Sunday will be a lucky day.
Ace of Diamonds in the House of Friends
You can expect moral support from friends in a new business or undertaking; also, you may go into a new undertaking with a friend. Cooperation indicated.
Ten of Clubs in the House of Gifts
You will receive a gift from afar; or a package you sent for arrives.
King of Clubs in the House of Letters
You will be offered work in a letter; or you read about someone getting a good position; or letters or mail may influence your present work.
Ace of Hearts in the House of Trouble
Worry or confusion in the home or angry words makes you miserable; or trouble over finding a place to live or purchase.
Ace of Spades in the House of Disappointment
You will be disappointed in relationships that have been severed; or a loss through a death. A sad disappointment.
King of Spades in the House of Death
A caller will die shortly after talking to you; or a policeman calls regarding a death you know about; or a traffic accident.
Seven of Clubs in the House of Undertaking
You will receive word about a new undertaking. Phone calls or advertising are in your future.
Eight of Clubs in the House of Achievement
As this card falls in its own House, you have achieved or will achieve much in the business world. Plenty for you to do.
Ten of Diamonds in the House of Inheritance
You will be remembered in a will and you should receive a large sum of money. Or a better income.
Nine of Diamonds in the House of Callers
You will be surprised about an inheritance you receive and never expected; a good surprise. A debt paid; or a loan or a gift.
Eight of Hearts in the House of Gratitude
Someone will be very grateful for something you have done and will remark they love you for your kindness.
Queen of Clubs in the House of Inquirer
You will never want; through loving friends or relatives you will be protected; also indicates you are capable of supporting yourself. Good life in old age indicated.
Eight of Diamonds in the House of Luck
Through luck you will win or inherit some money; or an old debt paid; or a gift of money. Steady income indicated.
Nine of Spades in the House of Sun
The sun will shine though a delay. Do not be upset over this delay. Relax and wait. Time is your ally.