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The Fool Tarot Card
What is the meaning of the FOOL in a tarot deck? Know how to interpret the meanings of the fool tarot card today from this portal. Get your FREE tarot readings too!

» De-coding The Tarot Card - The Fool
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 03/30/2007 | The Fool Tarot Card |  | printer version

The FoolTraveling along the road, his satchel slung over one shoulder, the Fool is often considered the main character of the Tarot story. He’s on a journey, but he doesn’t know where he’ll end up – he almost always represents the person asking the Tarot’s advice, and usually shows up to indicate that the subject is at the beginning of a new adventure. Maybe it’s a new romance, or a new job, or a desire to make a big change in life

Each of us is, at some point in our lives, the Fool. That doesn’t mean that we’re foolish – the Fool is free of worldly cares, ready to enjoy whatever new opportunities comes his way. The problem is that, with this innocent, childlike naiveté, the Fool can be overly optimistic. The Fool is who we are when we first fall in love, or when we start fantasizing about how a new business venture will make us rich. When the Fool comes up in a reading, it means that we’re in danger of wandering mindlessly into danger, because we’re so preoccupied with our daydreams of success that we’re not paying enough attention to practicalities.