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The Death Tarot Card
Learn what is the real meaning of the DEATH tarot card and know how to interpret the meaning of the Death Tarot Card for your tarot readings today!

» The Death Tarot Card: One Door Closes, Another Opens!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 11/26/2007 | The Death Tarot Card |  | printer version

 Most people would inherently shudder at the sight of the Death tarot card, but they have likely entirely misinterpreted its meaning! In divination, Death rarely means a physical death of the flesh, but instead it simply means a change. Remember the Hanged Man? Death is his next step, wherein he must truly shed all his past beliefs, relationships, hobbies, etc. Only the most amateur tarot card readers would immediately jump to the conclusion that Death implies that a person's time is running out on Earth (though it could indeed be a warning of that). It's more of a possibility that a transformation is in the cards for somebody!