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Learn About The Lessor Arcana
The Lessor Arcana In Tarot Reading

» The Lessor Arcana
The Four Suits - The Lessor Arcana

The resources of interpretation have been lavished, if not
exhausted, on the twenty-two Trumps Major, the symbolism of which is unquestionable. There remain the four suits, being Wands or Scepters—ex hypothesi, in the archaeology of the sub­ject, the antecedents of Diamonds in modern cards: Cups, cor­responding to Hearts; Swords, which answer to Clubs as the weapon of chivalry is in relation to the peasant's quarter-staff or the Alsatian bludgeon; and, finally, (Pentacles—called also Deniers and Money—which are the prototypes of Spades. In the old as in the new suits, there are ten numbered cards, Cut in the Tarot there are four Court Cards allocated to each suit, or a Knight in addition to King, Queen and Knave.