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Tarot Reading
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Good Tarot Tools Learn About The Lessor Arcana
The Greater Arcana The Tarot And Secret Tradition
The Tarot In History The Veil And Its Symbol
Conclusion As To The Greater Keys Distinction Between Greater and Minor Arcana
How To Read Tarot In Less Than A Day Strength
Tarot Greater Arcana Death Tarot Greater Arcana Justice
Temperance The Chariot
The Death Tarot Card The Devil
The Emperor The Empress
The Fool Tarot Card The Hanged Man
The Hermit The Hierophant
The High Priestress The Justice Tarot Card
The Last Judgement The Lovers
The Magician The Wheel of Fortune

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» Learn Tarot: Meaning of the Lovers Tarot Card!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/7/2009 | Tarot Reading |  | printer version

The Lovers tarot card represents that an individual is looking for a union, experiencing desire, making love, being open to love, responding with passion, feeling a physical attraction, or tapping into the energy within them. Know the meaning of the lovers tarot card today from this cool video tutorial!

» Meaning of the Emperor Tarot Card!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/7/2009 | Tarot Reading |  | printer version
 The Emperor is a card in the major arcana. The cards in the major arcane are, in essence, the soul of the deck. Each of them represents the universality of being human, and the Emperor is no different. Learn the meaning of the Emperor Tarot Card today!

» Psychic Tarot Card Readings: Learn Tarot Readings
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 03/23/2009 | Tarot Reading |  | printer version
 The future has always been held with utmost interest by people from all over the world, and with reason for such, as questions regarding tomorrow are concerns which many share. 

» How To Read Tarot: Do You Need To Possess Psychic Abilities?
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/24/2007 | Tarot Reading |  | printer version

 Tarot cards are an extremely popular mystical oracle. It is one of the few oracles that most people feel comfortable to attempt on their own. You do not find many people attempting to read palms or to contact the dead, but you do see a large amount of people purchasing tarot cards, determined to master them. There has long been a debate about the necessity of psychic ability, whether hidden or not, in reading tarot cards. I, myself, pondered this very question, and in trying to find the answer, learned a little bit more about the tarot cards.

» Is It Better To Make Your Own Tarot Cards for Divination Readings?
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 09/28/2007 | Tarot Reading |  | printer version

 I bought my first tarot deck when I went through what I like to call a “mystical” phase in college. I had watched dozens of witch movies and thought that tarot had everything to do with witchcraft and spells. I was wrong. Tarot has been around for centuries, even though no one quite knows where it came from. There is evidence that it was in Egypt for a time, as well as in medieval England.

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