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Meditation And Spirituality
Meditation and Spirituality Articles, News and Updates

Lucid Dreaming

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» Unique Body Exercise: Soul Sweat Dancing with Chantal Pierrat
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 06/18/2012 | Meditation And Spirituality |  | printer version

Chantal Pierrat has received the NIA White Belt certification, and teaches Soul Sweat at the Alchemy of Movement Studio and RallySport Health and Fitness in Boulder, Colorado. Her classes reflect her extensive background and education in ballet, jazz, modern dance, and yoga, as well as her innate capacity to connect unabashedly with the transformative power of movement.

» See Your True Nature: How to Meditate With a Mantra?
  These days whenever a politician repeats a promise over and over again commentators say that this promise has become a "mantra" for that politician. For the journalists, the word "mantra" means a meaningless phrase that is repeated endlessly. For yogis however, a mantra is a word or collection of words, which has the power of liberating a human being from all limitations.

» The Morals of Elain Pagel’s Writings on Gnostic Gospels
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 06/13/2012 | Meditation And Spirituality |  | printer version

Elaine Pagels's career as an academic interested in religion has been highlighted by numerous publications and awards. An Episcopalian, Pagels was born on February 13, 1943, in Palo Alto, California, to William McKinley, a research biologist, and Louise Sophia van Druten Hiesey. 

» Going Deeper and Understanding the Theory of Emotion with Candace Perth
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 06/13/2012 | Meditation And Spirituality |  | printer version

Candace Beebe Perth is an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist best known for her discovery of opiate receptors in the brain. A receptor is a molecule with an electrically active indentation into which a molecule with a matching shape will fit. 

» Dileepji Pathak’s The Path: Kundalini, Creation and Spiritual Evolution
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 03/10/2012 | Meditation And Spirituality |  | printer version

Kundalini is the divine energy. She manifests both in the cosmic form, encompassing all of creation, and in the personal form. God creates the universe by producing subtle energies in an act of divine will.

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