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Meditation And Spirituality
Meditation and Spirituality Articles, News and Updates

Lucid Dreaming

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» Balance up your Life: Taking time to Center yourself and Commune with God
 Taking time to center yourself and commune with God (whatever your interpretation of God may be), is crucial. Prayer, meditation and quiet contemplation are so important to our overall health. It doesn't matter what religion you practice, it matters only that you make time to honor your spiritual self and your connection to the Divine, every single day. 

» Amazing Healing with New Age Music and Sounds!
 Most people love music. They have their own preferences. Some want classical music while others listen to rock music. Some love jazz and others love disco. As with all other things, music changes and evolves. Today, there are many other types of music. For example, there is now hip-hop, synthesized, and alternative rock. One of these recent types of music is new age music, which can helps in healing and positive changes.

» This NEW Year, Adopt a Regular Meditation Practice!
 Meditation is a time-honored relaxation technique that has been used successfully in Eastern cultures for centuries to alleviate stress and focus the mind. This technique has recently gained popularity in the United States as millions of people discover both the physical and mental health benefits of meditation, while realizing that its not as difficult as it sounds.

» Amazing Guided Visualization: Best for Working on Your Own Emotions and Behaviors!

 There are several varieties of visualization methods, but the first step in any one of them is always the same. You must prepare yourself mentally to receive your vision in order to be able to fully immerse your consciousness. The process of preparing for visualization is nearly the same as meditation, and you can add in your own elements as you gain more experience with the process.

» The Essence of Zen Meditation (read this cool story!)
 You may not know this, but there are several techniques that are involved in meditation. You'll need to keep in mind that there are ways that you are going to have to move in order to find the right concentration, but you'll also find that your state of mind is very important too. You'll need to make sure that you look at every act objectively in order to make a good session. You'll need to keep your concentration going strong in order to do the meditation positions and techniques correctly. You'll find that there are many variations available, but you'll find that there are a few more traditional ways to practice Zen. 

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