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Meditation And Spirituality
Meditation and Spirituality Articles, News and Updates

Lucid Dreaming

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» Discover your Seat of Spiritual Power - BREATHE!

 This meditation technique “Tension in Tanden" is among the more difficult breathing exercises to perform, but once practiced, it’s actually very easy to perform.  The “Tanden Center” is the term used in Zen Meditation for describing the “seat of spiritual power”, believed to reside in one’s diaphragm.  To create tension in the Tanden Center, put the abdominal muscles and diaphragm in an isometric opposition.  

» How to Breathe, Relax and Experience Peace!

 Breathing awareness and breathing techniques are very important for one’s continuing success of meditation.  It is vital to remember that the first thing one needs to do is become completely aware of their breathing before they proceed to any meditation –this is regardless of whether the instructions do or don’t mention breathing.

» Encounters with Chinese Hermits (Adopting a Spiritual Lifestyle)
 Something that a lot of people don't realize is that there is a different type of thinking that comes with Zen practices. You will begin to discover new enlightenment and you will also be able to unleash some new dimensions of yourself. You will be able to gain a lot through the practices of Zen. 

» Cultivating Your Spirituality and Psychic Forces! (Try this Meditation Practice!)
 The word psychic comes from the Greek term psychikos meaning ěof the soul, mental. The word refers to a person who has the ability to perceive things that are not sensed by normal physical senses. 

» The Magick of East and West: Chod Practice

 Chod is a kind of mystery drama, and the magician or yogi is the sole actor therein. Dr. Evans Wentz, in his masterly introduction to the translation of the play or ritual in Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines explains that "The Chod" Rite is, first of all, a mystic drama, performed by a single human actor, assisted by numerous spiritual beings, visualised, or imagined, as being present in response to his magic invocation. 

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