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Achieveing Happiness In Life
What does it mean to be happy? What and who can truly gives true happiness? How can you overcome depression and sadness? Discover all the different ways, tactics and techniques to transform your negative emotions to the positive, and learn the alchemical secrets used by the ancients and the modern people, to achieve TRUE and lasting happiness in life, and in relationships!

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» Helen Palmer’s Enneagram: A Guide to Discovering your Personality
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 10/23/2012 | Achieveing Happiness In Life |  | printer version

Helen Palmer's famous Enneagram contains the following personality type and meaning:

·        The Perfectionist

1.      They live with a powerful inner critic that monitors every thought, word, and deed;

2.      They worry about getting things right and are unusually sensitive to criticism;

3.      They strive for perfection and feel responsible;

4.      "Perfectionists" also report a focus on being good and repress their impulses/desires for pleasure;

5.      They can be rigid, overly controlled, seeing virtue as its own reward.

» Michael Phillips’ The Seven Laws of Money in Your Life
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 06/19/2012 | Achieveing Happiness In Life |  | printer version

 Do it! Money will come when you are doing the right thing. The first law is the hardest for most people to accept and is the source of the most distress. The clearest translation of this in terms of personal advice is "go ahead and do what you want to do." Worry about your ability to do it and competence to do it, but certainly do not worry about the money.

» John Perkins’ Views on the Reality of Earth’s Changing Societies
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 04/26/2012 | Achieveing Happiness In Life |  | printer version

John Perkins’ Views on the Reality of Earth’s Changing Societies

John Perkins, the NY Times bestselling author of The Secret History of the American Empire and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man was Chief Economist of the International Consulting firm Chas. T. Main; founder and CEO of Independent Power Systems, a US energy company that was committed to producing electricity with environmentally beneficial technologies and which revolutionized the utility industry in the 1980's; and Chairman of the Board of the non-profit Dream Change, an organization dedicated to creating more aware and compassionate societies and to helping indigenous people around the world protect their cultures and environments.

» How to Stop Worrying About Getting the Approval of Other People!
People pleasing can be a defeating habit in a person’s life, simply because the act itself  takes your focus off what you CAN control, and puts your focus on to what you CAN’T control, which is somebody else’s happiness and peace of mind.

» Meditation and Awakenings: Discover WHO You Truly Are!

 Some believe that religion is all hokey. Some do not join a religion because they do not want to be told what they can and cannot do, while others do not believe that there is truly some divine being up there pulling all the strings. Buddhism is neither of these. Buddhism is a guidebook to life. You don’t have to follow the rules, but if you do, you’ll find yourself understanding who you truly are, which means you can attain true enlightenment.

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