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I Ching
Discover the amazing secrets of oriental I Ching readings and I Ching divinations, which in my personal experience of using and consulting them has been nothing short of amazing and accurate! Learn also the powerful concepts of Yin-Yang theories and how to apply these powerful concepts in your daily life for long lasting good fortune, good health and happiness!

» How to Make Use of I Ching in Revealing Your Future
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 02/27/2012 | I Ching |  | printer version

How to Make Use of I Ching in Revealing Your Future

Throughout history, the I-Ching has been used as both a manual of wisdom and a manual of divining. Ancient users of the text would traditionally cast yarrow stalks, and, though a complex process would be able to give some hint of fortune to the one seeking it by figuring out a certain hexagram: six lines, either Yin or Yang, one over the other.

» Enjoying the Benefits of I-Ching Readings and Applying them in Reality
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 02/23/2012 | I Ching |  | printer version

Enjoying the Benefits of I-Ching Readings and Applying them in Reality

The I-Ching, Yijing or Book of Changes was born thousands of years ago in China. It started out as a divination manual and slowly evolved into a book of wisdom as well. Throughout the ages, people from all levels of society have turned to it for advice.

» Your Fortitude in Runes Reading
By Jeremy Khoo | Published 02/15/2012 | I Ching |  | printer version

Your Fortitude in Runes Reading

It is not uncommon for psychics to use a divination tool during a psychic reading. Divination tools help the psychic reader tap into the psychic realm or the psychic energy of a particular person, place or thing.

One of the more popular divinatory tools that psychics use are runes. Rune readings can be insightful, foretelling and reflective. When getting a psychic rune reading, you can expect a reading full of wisdom and practical advice.


» 3 Different Methods to Consult The I Ching
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 04/24/2007 | I Ching |  | printer version

I ching Yarrow StalksThe ancient divination method of the I Ching or “Book of Changes,” was reportedly the casting of tortoise shells. Later, the stalks of yarrow flowers were used, and are still considered the highest form of reading the I Ching.

The problem with tossing the yarrow stalks is that it’s extremely complicated. You’ll need 50 dried yarrow stalks (these may be purchased online or in stores that specialize in spiritual tools and books) and use them to cast your hexagram.

First, remove one stalk from the pile and set it aside. Randomly divide the remaining stalks into to piles. Take one stalk from pile on the right and hold it between the ring finger and little finger of your left hand.