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Goal Setting
Learn what it takes to achieve what you have set out to do in your life, and learn how to make all your dreams, wishes and aspirations in life and in relationships come true, for yourself and for other people!

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» Discover the Success Habits of the Rich and Famous! (7 cool ways to increase your productivity!)
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/11/2013 | Goal Setting |  | printer version
 Why is it that the Bill Gate's of this world are rich and famous? What secret do they know that the rest of us don't? If you study their lives closely, you'll discover the rich and famous have certain habits that attribute to their success. Successful people are very careful about how they spend their time. No matter how you slice it, we all have 24 hours in a day, so the key lies in learning to use our time wisely. 

» The Secret to Achieving Success (Can you overcome fate by will power??)
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/3/2013 | Goal Setting |  | printer version

 There is a vast amount of talking in the present day about "Freewill" and "Fate." It seems that the majority of society believes that their surroundings and circumstances - their state of affairs - are caused by the subtle, mysterious workings of an omnipotent power, over which they are powerless.

» Weaving Magic of Gold into Your Life: Use this Secret to Accomplish Anything you Want to Accomplish!! (Astounding!!)
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/27/2013 | Goal Setting |  | printer version

Do you that first line of the first chapter of the Gospel of St. John―"In the beginning was the "Word." For what is a "Word"? A mental image, is it not? Before an architect can build a house, he must have a mental image of what he is to build. Before you can accomplish anything, you must have a clear mental image of what it is you want to do.

» 5 Super Easy Ways to Stop Putting Off Your Daily Practice!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/21/2013 | Goal Setting |  | printer version

 Procrastination is the easiest thing in the world to perfect- and one of the hardest habits to break. There will always be a good reason to put off whatever you want to accomplish, whether its doing your daily meditation, practicing tarot cards readingcultivating your spiritual practice or going for a nature walk!  

» Create a Things To Do List for 2013: Setting and Achieving Your Goals!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 01/5/2013 | Goal Setting |  | printer version
 Dreaming is something that we all do. We all want to have a better life and live the way that makes us happy. Think of the things that you would better your life and make your dreams more promotable. Are you sure that you have everything that you need in life? If you are not happy, you need to make the necessary changes to promote a better and happier lifestyle.

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