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How Zodiac Reveals Sexual And Romantic Attractions The Most Revealing Astrology Reading
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» 7 Interesting facts About the History of Astrology
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/17/2006 | Astrology Secrets |  | printer version

AstrologyEver since humans looked toward the sky for some kind of meaning to life and answers to the big questions, astrology has been a part of many peopleís lives. The fact that essentially every culture has, at different times, looked towards the stars for understanding speaks to the universal nature of astrology.

As it evolved from one end of the globe to the other, it took on a different significance and gravity. Some cultures used it to determine laws and punishments, others for love and spirituality. The growth of astrology is marked with peace, war, abundance and famine. Human history can be charted with the history of astrology. Here are a few interesting facts about the history of astrology.

» Seven best astrology sites online
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 11/29/2006 | Astrology Secrets |  | printer version

AstrologyAstrology is something that many people are interested in, but donít really know much about. Almost everyone takes the 15 seconds or so that it takes to read their daily horoscope in the newspaper and then read the horoscope of anyone else in the room at the time. Itís become a tradition in some workplaces. But what if you want to learn more about astrology and its possible impact on your life? The Internet is a fantastic resource for those looking to expand their horizons about astrology. Here are a handful of sites that are excellent at providing information on the world of Astrology.

  • Star IQ is, at first glance, a very professional looking website. The site authors try to draw surfers in with a well-designed site and many different choices available to the first time visitor. There are both daily horoscopes as well as weekly outlooks. Maybe the most interesting part of Star IQ is the articles that take a look at current events in politics and Hollywood and how the stars may affect them. There is also comprehensive information explaining astrology and its history on the left side of the site layout. Star IQ is a good site for beginners and experts alike.

» 7 Ways to Select Your Mate Through Your Sign
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 11/19/2006 | Astrology Secrets |  | printer version

SignsChoosing the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with is the biggest decision youíre ever going to make.

There is a multi-billion dollar industry set up to try to interpret who youíre compatible with and who you arenít. Using astrology and the personality profiles that are assigned to each individual sign, you can gain remarkable insight into the future of your relationship. While it isnít foolproof, those that choose to believe in it do so with religious zeal. Here are a few tips to looking into you and your partnerís sign and seeing what is in the stars.


  • Know your tendencies and know the tendencies of your partner. While this may sound like common sense, there many be significant parts of your partnerís personality that you havenít come into contact yet, even if your relationship has been going on for months. One quick look at a personality break down of his sign can tell you if he is a commitment-phobe, if heíll be good with kids, if heís hot-tempered or if he wants to settle down. While not carved in stone, these personality profiles can give you great insight into likely behaviour patters that can develop over time.

» Your Moon Sign, Part II Ė What Your Moon Sign Says About You
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/31/2006 | Astrology Secrets |  | printer version

AstrologyIf you know the exact time and place of your birth, a quick online search will find any number of astrologers who can tell you what Zodiac sign hosted the moon when you were born. Once you have that information, you can add knowledge of your moon sign to what you know about your sun sign, for a more accurate interpretation.

Moon in Aries

Youíre impatient, and you often think before you act. You like to get your way, and you like things done now. You're a quick thinker, and you get bored when dealing with details.  But you have a warm heart, and youíre generous to those around you.

Moon in Taurus

Youíre a sensual person, very focused on physical pleasures. Youíre a strong, stable person emotionally, and your friends rely on you. You loathe change, and long for traditional values and simple living.  Youíre very protective of your friends, family and possessions, and can become very jealous.  Youíre tenacious, though, and rarely give up without a fight.

» What's a Moon Sign? How the Moon Influences Your Life and Personality, Part I
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/28/2006 | Astrology Secrets |  | printer version

AstrologySome peopleís personalities donít closely match the characteristics of their astrological sign. This may lead them to assume that astrology is bunk, but really they just don't have all the information. For one thing, the descriptives commonly assigned to the various sun signs Ė the ones that most people know Ė are just generalizations. By delving a little deeper and reading the more specific explanations of their birth sign, they'll usually find that they're amazingly accurate.

But real astrological interpretation involves knowing a person's complete horoscope Ė where all of the stars and planets were positioned at the time of their birth.  All of these celestial bodies influence how much the personality falls in line with the characteristics of their sun sign. And the biggest influence is where the moon was positioned when they were born Ė their moon sign.

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