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» Fortune Telling With Tarot Cards

Tarot Reading Made EasyI love to have my fortune told. I am a fan of tarot cards and I think that part of this love for the fortune reading lies in the fact that I do not really put too much stock in them. I enjoy them because they are fun. I do not make decisions according to a psychic reading but I was pleased to discover that I could have a free online tarot reading.

The times that I visited fortune tellers were few and far between. I definitely would visit an online tarot reading site more often than I would a fortune teller. One thing that each visit had in common was price. I spent at least thirty dollars per visit. The online tarot readings are free, and this is very appealing. I am less likely to be disgruntled by an inaccurate reading if it is free. I have had readings that were simply awful and none were exactly the same. Read more...

» The Benefits of Meditation And The True Story of A Young Modern Athlete

Meditation and ConcentrationMeditation has been growing in popularity in the West, and studies have shown that it has many benefits. These include stress reduction, which can lower the chance of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack; providing a break in the day, thus refreshing the meditator who then has renewed energy and attention to put to whatever tasks may be at hand; interrupting a person's chronic patterns of thought, some of which are quite negative and not good for overall health and productivity; and bringing a person's attention more to the present day so that he or she can enjoy what's happening now more instead of being stuck worrying about past problems. These are just some of the benefits meditation can have. Read more...

» What Are Your Potential Mate's Personality Charateristics?

Astrology Matching For Couples
Astrology matching is so interesting, despite how the field of astrology is challenged for not being a “real” science.  For those of us who follow what is unfairly called a “pseudoscience”, the technique of astrology matching does more than entertain; it informs and assists. 

» Your Astrology Chart - There Is Magic That Supersedes Coincidence

Unlock Your Destiny Code With Astrology ChartIf you have any drive toward obsessively checking your horoscope every day, you will appreciate the following weekday and then this Sunday’s horoscopes for Leo from Minerva, in the SF and SF Chronicle:

LEO July 22-August 21 - Gaining entrée is one thing. Making the most of it is something else. It's time to switch from exchanging pleasantries to serious business.

LEO (July 22-August 21) - Tuesday's full moon -- coming now just as Mercury, Neptune and sun sweep through your hormone house -- has moment of truth written all over it. Full moons -- particularly eclipsed ones -- are all about culmination. This one effects [sic] your wallet -- both personal funds and those shared by others. Now, this could be a good thing -- like a sudden windfall. On the other hand ….

» Astrology Made Easy

Astrology Made EasyWhenever someone asks me what my birth sign is, I am often stumped for an answer. You see, according to the western horoscope, I was born under the sign of Capricorn. But according to the oriental astrology birth chart, I was born under the sign of the snake! When I try and correlate the characteristics of the signs under each of these astrology birth charts, I find that they are often at cross purposes. So for a long time, I literally gave up on trying to see what my future held for me.

But occasionally, whenever I would look at the horoscope section of the newspaper, I would find that something that had been predicted to happen, had in fact happened. And similarly, something that was foretold, had occurred. While the success rates of my oriental and occidental astrology birth charts varied depending on the day of the week, there was no real way by which I could determine which one prediction would come true. And as mentioned, the characteristics were almost extreme opposites and the predictions, often similar in nature.

» What We Focus On Expands

What You Focus On ExpandsThere's this common, well-known truth that "what you focus on expands." It's simple math. The more you focus on the things you want, the more of those things you manifest in your life.

The reverse is also true. The more you focus on the things you don’t want, the more of those things you manifest in your life. The problem is that 9 out of 10 people live within a "Matrix of Fear" where they're programmed to be afraid of everything, including success, failure, health problems, money problems, relationships -- and the list is endless.

In addition to what’s going on in their personal lives, most people add to their personal fears by getting caught up in global dramas as well. Unfortunately most people give up their power to create their lives the way they want. Instead, they are *unconsciously* creating their lives exactly opposite of the way they want them.

» 5000 Year-Old Medical Secret Unearthed!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 08/11/2006 | Strength |  printer version

natural medicineWhen you get sick, you go to the doctor. And the doctor will, of course, prescribe medicines. You will go and buy medicines. You take them, and hopefully, you get well. This is how the health profession goes on nowadays – a cycle of diagnosis and prescription.

If anyone were to give you herbs for medicine, you would probably say that that person was a quack. But nowadays, studies are being conducted to see if there are really is any merit to what is called natural medicine.


Natural medicine is the use of natural methods, herbal medicines, and traditional practices to heal ailments. Every culture has a form of natural medicine. In ancient cultures, village medicine men served as the doctors of the community, passing on medical knowledge to the apprentices that followed them.

Many categories of the healing methods fall under natural medicine. Among these are traditional medicine, complementary medicine, and alternative medicine. Usually, natural medicine refers to medical practices that were in place before the advent of modern medicine.

This includes herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, which is prevalent in Chinese, Ayurvedic(or Indian), and Greek medicine.Upon the advent of modern medicine, many professionals discarded the use of herbs in favor of man-made medicine. The fact that these treatments are based on the healing properties of some herbs was forgotten. For example, opium, digitalis, quinine, and aspirin all have their roots in traditional medicine.

» Genuine Happiness Comes from Within

genuine happinessLife isn’t the sweetest candy. Sometimes, when I feel like the world is just too heavy, I look around and find people who continued to live fascinating and wonderful lives. And then thoughts come popping into my mind like bubbles from nowhere – “How did their life become so adorably sweet? How come they still can manage to laugh and play around despite a busy stressful life?”  Then I pause and observed for awhile… I figured out that maybe, they start to work on a place called ‘self’.

So, how does one become genuinely happy? Step 1 is to love yourself.

My theology professor once said that “loving means accepting.”  To love oneself means to accept that you are not a perfect being, but behind the imperfections must lie a great ounce of courage to be able to discover ways on how to improve your repertoire to recover from our mistakes.

» The Way to Wellness" It's time to start a Healthy life: your 7 days program
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 08/11/2006 | Strength |  printer version

fitnessHow many times have you gone to sleep at night, swearing you'll go to the gym in the morning, and then changing your mind just eight hours later because when you get up, you don't feel like exercising?

While this can happen to the best of us, it doesn't mean you should drop the ball altogether when it comes to staying fit. What people need to realize is that staying active and eating right are critical for long-term health and wellness -- and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The more you know about how your body responds to your lifestyle choices, the better you can customize a nutrition and exercise plan that is right for you. When you eat well, increase your level of physical activity, and exercise at the proper intensity, you are informing your body that you want to burn a substantial amount of fuel. This translates to burning fat more efficiently for energy.

In other words, proper eating habits plus exercise equals fast metabolism, which, in turn gives you more energy throughout the day and allows you to do more physical work with less effort.

» How to Become an Ideal Leader

ideal leaderWhen you are at work, do you get frustrated because things don't seem to be happening the way they’re supposed to be? You see people milling around but nothing gets accomplished. And in the daily hustle and bustle, do you feel that your goals remain just that – goals. Then maybe its time for you to stand up and do something about it.

Most people are content just to stand around listening for orders. And it isn't unusual to adopt a follow-the-leader mentality. But maybe, somewhere inside of you, you feel the desire to make things happen – to be the head, not the tail. Then maybe leadership just suits you fine.

Some people believe that great leaders are made, not born. Yes, it may be true that some people are born with natural talents. However, without practice, without drive, without enthusiasm, and without experience, there can be no true development in leadership.

You must also remember that good leaders are continually working and studying to improve their natural skills. This takes a commitment to constantly improve in whatever endeavor a person chooses.

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