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» The Last Judgement

The Last Judgement

the last judgement, tarot reading
I have said that this symbol is essentially invariable in
all Tarot sets, or at least the variations do not alter its
character. The great angel is here encompassed by clouds,
but he blows his bannered trumpet, and the cross as usual is
displayed on the banner. Read more ...

» How To Read Tarot In Less Than A Day

tarot card reading instruction
"If you want to quickly and easily see
where your life is heading without
spending hundreds of dollars then you
might be shocked to find out that reading
Tarot is easier then ever before."

"In fact, give me a few minutes and I
promise you that your ability to read
into your past
and future will be
transformed almost like magic!"

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Nothing in life happens by chance! Having had the chance to meet with a true and genuine Tarot master has opened up a new world for me. For those of you who know me and my story of how I get acquainted with tarot cards and tarot reading, you would have known that my passion for tarot and tarot reading have increased over the years when I began to witness for myself and my friends how tarot cards have helped us in handling and managing our lives. Read more ...

» Genuine Rom Gypsy Advice
Genuine rom Gypsy Advice offering not just reading, but guidance as well!

gypsy magic Click Here For This Magical Book!

It is rare to find a geunine personal intuitive advisor and here is one you may like to know about! She is Allie, a descendant of the Rom gypsies of Transylvania as well as a writer, motivator and ordained minister with a thriving practice in Ohio. Read more about her...

» How To Become A Renowned Palm Reader
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/5/2005 | |  printer version

How would you like to become a renowed palm reader starting from today? Amaze yourself and your loved ones. Learn the secrets of Palm Reading to improve and manage your life better!

palm reading secrets
Do you know that your hand has been called "the window of the soul"? The information you can gather and read from your plam or that of your friends can help you to make some informed decisions about your life and where your life is heading. It can help you to choose the right lover, the right spouse, engaging in the right occupation, and giving you some ideas about the vocation that is best fitted for yourself or your loved ones!

That there is so much information in the hand will be a surprise to many, and when it is seen how logical, rational, and even commonplace, hand reading is, perhaps it will then be taken out of the occult class to which it distincly does not belong, and placed among the other rational means at the service of mankind, whereby they may be enabled to gain a better knowledge of themselves through the art and science of palm-reading. Read more...

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» The Most Revealing Astrology Reading

Here's how you can see through to the character and personality of both yourself and your loved ones!

powerful astrology reading
Imagine how helpful and useful it would be if you can see through to the character and personality of both yourself and your loved ones today. Have you always wondered why your children are behaving the ways they are? Have you often asked yourself the questions whether you have chosen the right partner or spouse? Have you gotten frustrated over the attitude and behaviour of your lover or your mate during this period of time? Read more ...

Discover How The Amazing Power of Astrology Can Unlock Your Hidden Potential, Answer Burning Questions About Your Life and Relationships, and Be a Shining Light in Times of Darkness and Confusion

» Numerology Is More Than Numbers

Over thiry-five years ago, I picked up a book on numerology and began to have a hard time believing that numbers had anything to do with my life. Shortly thereafter, I was awakened from a deep sleep by a loud voice that seemed to scream into my ears, "Numbers are real!"

Since that time, I have found out that numbers really are real.


Find Out How You Can Make Life Happen With A Good Numerology Report Today - "Get Your Personal Numerology Reading from the World-Famous Jill Saint James."

» The Planet Saturn Is Your Teacher

To understand how Saturn is your teacher, we need to look at the twelve houses of astrology.

Each house in astrology represents an area of your life: first house, for personality, second house for personal finances, third house for thinking and learning, fourth house for home and family, fifth house for love and romance, sixth house for work and health, seventh house for relationships and partnerships, eighth house for sex and creditors, ninth house for religion and higher education, tenth house for career and ambition, eleventh house for friends and associates, and the twelfth house for meditation and the unconscious. Read more...

Discover How Zodiac Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life In Ways You Would Have Never Imagined!

» Astrological Talismans, Amulets And Good Luck Charms

amulet, talisman, charms, good luckThe sound by which all things are created isn’t just any sound, it is the Word of God, this word pervades through everything that exists. The power of the spoken word in the form of prayers, hymns and chants, is a belief that is common to all major religions and these sounds resonate in churches, mosques and temples throughout the world. In Hinduism, Mantras are a combination of sacred words, composed mainly in Sanskrit. According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, the ‘Vedas’ and ‘Upanishads’, the chanting of Mantras can achieve enlightenment and oneness with God. Read more...

» How Zodiac Reveals Sexual And Romantic Attractions

astrology, zodiac, planetMost of us would agree that attraction is some kind of energy or magnetism between two people, but very few of us understand how to read these attractions.

Yet, we are even delighted, elated, and often overwhelmed by some attractions. They seem impossible to resist, let alone understand. Even when we know the consequences of engaging an attraction that can be devastating to our lives, we may proceed anyway. this is when the attraction can be "fatal."

Is this some kind of madness, or is there a simple answer for "losing it" with another person? Read more...

» The Fool

The Fool

Tarot card The Fool

With light step, as if earth and its trammels had little
power to restrain him, a young man in gorgeous vestments
pauses at the brink of a precipice among the great heights
of the world; he surveys the blue distance before him-its
expanse of sky rather than the prospect below.


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