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Yoga can help you, too
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/10/2006 | Meditation And Spirituality |
Yoga can help you, too

Yoga can help you, tooI was a skeptic. However, if Yoga can turn my life around than it can certainly help you, too. I like many was a serious sufferer of anxiety and without the help of Yoga I would today still be trying to find a solution to this debilitating condition. As well as allowing to improve my overall health and fitness, it was through yoga that I began to tap into the enormous power of meditation and deep relaxation

Nowadays we all pay so much importance to our health and visit doctors and specialists for even the most mundane of reasons. Too often our philosophy regarding health is to treat illness as quickly as possible, usually through drugs, whether it be some form of antibiotic or other type of prescription medication. However, few us actually realize that most medicines can treat only the symptoms of illnesses and diseases and not the root or cause. In fact, the cause of many chronic ailments is still being researched. They are also frequently stress related, as in my case. It is here that Yoga therapy comes to our assistance. 

What is Yoga? 

Rooted in ancient history Yoga stands for “Oneness” and helps you to overcome physical and mental diseases by generating cosmic powers. Yoga helps us to get in touch with reality by being in touch with the inner self. Yoga helps to strike a perfect balance between the mind and body. In fact, Yoga, as defined by Maharishi Patanjali, one of India’s greatest sages, is a technique used to control thought patterns in the mind. It is deeply meditative and reflective, and it is through the deep relaxation techniques of mediation that many people get the most benefit.
So just how does Yoga work?
 Ask anyone who has ever attended a yoga class whether at home or at the studio, and they will tell you the same thing: that it works wonders.
Yoga emphasizes treatment of the root cause of an ailment. It works in a slow, subtle and miraculous manner.
On a physical level Yoga postures stimulate the glands, organs, muscles and nerves in ways that traditional exercise cannot.
Muscle tightness and strain is quickly relieved and both circulation and digestion improves. Stress-related symptoms like poor sleep, fatigue, muscle spasms, anxiety, and indigestion are greatly improved.
Through continued practice Yoga postures can have a profound effect on the inner dimensions of life, establishing deep calm, concentration, emotional stability and confidence.
Who can take up Yoga?
Yoga can be practiced by anyone, at any age, with any physical condition, depending on individual needs. For example, athletes can practice for restoring the energy and to improve stamina; housewives for rejuvenating the energy and to reduce fatigue; executives to give a break to the overworked mind; children to control the wandering mind, muscle toning, to improve memory and concentration; seniors to feel strong, and to improve memory.
Persons suffering from heart trouble, high or low blood pressure or any serious organic disease should avoid postures, which may prove dangerous. They should preferably practice yoga in the presence of a medical or yoga expert. If there is profuse sweating during practice, do not wipe it with a towel, but rub the body with the palms.
How often should you perform Yoga?

It is always best to practice Yoga in a quiet, secluded place, where fresh air is easily available - like a verandah, terrace, garden, etc. Ideally, yoga should be practiced in the early hours of either morning or evening (on a relatively empty stomach).
However, it can be practiced either four hours after a heavy meal, or 20 minutes after a glass of juice or a cup of skimmed milk. On completion, one can have a meal after half-an-hour. Avoid tea, coffee, smoking, alcohol and spices.
The duration of practice should also be fixed according to one’s capacity. Most importantly, yoga should be practiced at a fixed time every day in two sessions if one feels able. One may feel an initial stiffness of the limbs and muscles. This will ease with regular practice. During yoga, the attire has to be clean, light and loose fitting to allow free movement; preferably light cotton garments.
Yoga should be commenced in a meditative posture, with a calm, tension-free mental state. Observe complete silence during the practice.  It must be practised regularly and conscientiously, with thorough preparation, bearing all precautions in mind for true mental and physical relaxation. One has to also keep in mind that any results depend purely upon the individual, the nature of ailments and the regularity of yogic practice.

Yoga can turn your life around. You will find enormous personal power just by getting started.
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