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Numerology in the new age
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/4/2006 | Numerology Reading |
Numerology in the new age

Numerology in the new ageIn a new age of technological advancements and scientific break throughs, the irony is that more and more of us have never felt more lost and confused. Despite the grand claims of science it has proven again and again to be unable to answer the questions that most play on our minds more than anything else.

Modern man’s existential dilemma is a thread that has traveled through time with us and not withstanding the fact that we are now in the so called enlightened age of the twenty first century, its mysteries remain unsolved. Part of our frustration is that we no longer have faith in the intuitive and predictive forms of knowledge such as astrology, numerology, and tarot card reading that people centuries earlier did. Many of us believe that these ancient forms of wisdom have more value than ever and use the tools they provide us to make sense of an increasingly complicated and changing world. Numerology is a constant in a world of variables. 

-         The basics of numerology 
Many newcomers to numerology are not aware of the strong ties the art form has with conventional mathematics. Indeed although many people consider numerology as a new age hippy practice, it has a very traditional upbringing and its roots stem back many many years to our most glorified mathematicians like the genius Pythagoras.
 Just as there are historical links between chemistry and alchemy, and between astronomy and astrology, numerology is associated with the early development of mathematics. Similar to astrology, numerological divination uses the name, birth date and birth time of a person to try to discover something of his or her character. But in numerology, numbers are assigned to the letters of the alphabet, and represent the characteristic vibrations that are involved. 
-         Numerology in the new age 

New Age approaches such as numerology are always going to be dismissed by science. The reason that scientists deride new age forms of knowledge is because they threaten to destabilize the hegemonic authority of science. Anything that that cannot be explained or understood by science is deemed to be a lesser form of knowledge. By setting up a hierarchy of what constitutes good and bad knowledge science is able to stake its claim on the so called “truth.”
Like any area of inquiry there have been frauds and hoaxes in numerology over the years. In addition some people that practice numerology professionally have profiteered from people’s faith. This is no reason to dismiss the whole area out of hand and there are many practicing numerologists that are exceptionally skilled and can provide deeply insightful analysis of a person’s character and future paths.

-         So how does numerology work?
In its simplest terms, numerology relates to words and tries to interpret the innate meaning and energy of a word. So what’s in a word? Moreover what is in a name? What special power lies in a word, linking it at a fundamental level to the very item or thing that it symbolizes? And if so, how do we begin to unpack the respective meanings of words? 

Numerology starts to answer some of these questions by looking at the actual letters that make up a word. After all, letters comprise the word, so by understanding each block we can understand the whole.  
One area that numerology delves into relates to what is known as “Soul Urge”. Soul Urge focuses on what it is we feel in our hearts, our desires and what we are on a soul level.
The vowels in a word describe your soul whereas the consonants in a word describe your physical being.

-         Discovering your soul mate through numerology 
Regardless of who you are, we are all searching for the same thing. A soul mate to share life’s journeys with. In fact, one of the hardest things we encounter in life is actually knowing how to find our soul mate.
Nowadays, more and more people are turning to numerology to help in their quest to seek out their true love or soul mate. By definition, a soul mate is that special person that we share a karmic connection with. Our soul mate is the one that our soul urges to connect with. It is ironic that our soul urge connections can often be found amongst couples who may have nothing else in common, yet can’t be without the other for some inexplicable reason. Usually, we attribute that to true love.

Finding your soul mate through numerology involves reading your and your partners numbers and seeing whether they are harmonic from a numerological point of view. Even if you and your partner might seem to others as complete opposites, a numerological reading may reveal completely compatible soul urges. 

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