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Learning Tarot: The Fool
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 09/20/2006 | Tarot Reading |
Learning Tarot: The Fool

Learning Tarot: The FoolMore and more people these days are using tarot card readings to help predict their futures and guide their decision-making. It is estimated that Indeed, most people that routinely read or have their tarot cards read to them will tell you that tarot cards are an extremely powerful source of information and, when interpreted correctly, can allow people to accurately predict the future and therefore make extremely good choices before life-changing events take place. As with any alternative spiritual practice, there are sadly are plenty of skeptics that criticize or belittle mystical practices like Tarot reading. Ordinarily these people are simply afraid of the power of the spiritual arts, and find non-conventional forms of knowledge confronting or disturbing. If you are serious about learning Tarot card divination, or are simply curious about what you might gain from having your cards read yourself, you should not let skeptics dissuade you. The truth is that many forms of knowledge derive from unexplainable sources that resist conventional strictures like science and medicine. The secrets of the magical arts will only be revealed to those who come them with open minds and hearts.

Indeed tarot card reading is a complicated and deeply spiritual art form that draws on the inherent wisdom of the cards, as well as your own intuitive divination powers. Any person can learn to read tarot cards, but only a handful of individuals will truly master the process because there are only few amongst us that will be able to combine the ancient and magical authority of the cards with their own insightful capabilities. For example, when I first had my tarot cards read when I was only eighteen years old, I was lucky enough to see a very experienced reader. She told me then that she saw that I had deeply intuitive powers and that I would eventually begin to use these powers myself. Her prediction was correct, and some years later I began learning tarot card reading myself. I have been doing so for the past twelve years and now have a small but thriving business in my own community.

Like all skills, before you can start reading tarot cards with any level of accuracy and confidence, you need to learn the origins and implications of each card. This requires you to learn about every individual card, then the interrelationships between one card and all the other cards in the deck. In this article, I want to discuss the very important card of The Fool.

The History of the Fool

In order to grasp the meaning of The Fool in tarot, you first need to obtain an understanding of the Fool in history. In medieval times, the Fool played a very unique role in the royal medieval court. His sole job was to amuse the King and the court, and he was not bound by the same rules of social propriety or order that bound his peers. In fact, the Fool was actually expected to break with social convention in order to provide comic relief and amusement to the monarch. He was allowed to be outspoken, and was known to ridicule and tease other people who would otherwise be above reproach.

The Fool was also sometimes a very trusted consort of the King. Unlike the monarch’s other advisors, the Fool could be quite open in his opinions and views. His candid observations and analysis made him an invaluable ally to the monarch. The Fool was, in short, a welcome breath of fresh air in a society bound by strict rules.

What does the Fool mean?

Understanding the Fool’s special social place helps us to “crack open” the role of the Fool in the tarot deck. Like his actual historical counterpart, the card of The Fool forewarns of something unexpected. It is a card that represents spontaneity, unpredictability, the inconsistency of human life and the need to adopt an innocent, trusting belief in your own destiny.

When a client draws The Fool this is an indication that their future will not travel with the consistency and predictability they would like. You should warn them that despite their best laid plans, they must be prepared for surprises. They must expect the unexpected. Be careful though – the mere fact that your client draws the Fool does not mean that they should stop making plans for the future altogether. Rather it is a quiet reminder that they should ride the uncertainties of life with faith and humor, trusting that new unanticipated forks in the road and the overall ebbs and flows of life are leading to the place where they should naturally be.

In tarot, the Fool also suggests that your client should adopt an approach to life that is innocent and trusting. Like the Fool in medieval times, it is a childlike, carefree and trusting card that implies that life can be inherently good and uncomplicated. When a person draws the Fool it suggests they should trust that their life will unfold for them naturally, irrespective of unforeseen upsets and changes. Thus advise your client to simply live their life with the innocence and ingenuousness of the Fool. By surrendering to changes with innocence, they will nourish their own joy and fulfillment.

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