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It is About Time You Discovered Astrology
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 09/14/2006 | Astrology Secrets |
It is About Time You Discovered Astrology

It is About Time You Discovered Astrology Everyone wants to predict their futures. Whether you are young or old, male or female, we all want to know what directions our lives are heading in. Knowing what is around the corner in our financial, personal and work lives allow us to better plan our lives and anticipate what is coming to us.

Despite many skeptics in the world, more and more people across the globe rely on astrological chart readings to guide their decision-making and life choices. After all, we all need a little bit of help deciding on big and small decisions. And notwithstanding criticism non believers the truth is people since the dawn of time have put their faith in the stars and heavens to predict their paths. Just because we are living in a modernized, technological age does not mean these ancient forms are obsolete. In fact, ironically the more technologically advanced and scientifically aware we become the more people are losing faith in conventional notions of right and wrong, or the dictates of science.

Despite presenting itself as an objective and rational form of knowledge, sciences too relies on elements that cannot be proven and are beyond cause and effect modes of testing. Sometimes faith is the answer to some of the most difficult questions humans encounter in life. If you are seeking guidance in your life, join me and the millions of other people who have found extremely helpful information through astrology.

So how does astrology work?

There is a range of different types of astrology around the world, and each variety entails different systems of interpretation but at a fundamental level they share a basic framework and philosophy.  In Western cultures, you will find what is known as traditional or classic astrology, which draws its signs and meanings from the Zodiac birth chart.

As a form of ancient knowledge, classical astrology bases its wisdom and divining force around the position and movements of 8 planets in our solar system. Moreover it links the movements of the planets and the orbits of the sun and the moon to the date and time of your birth. Depending on the cosmos and the time of your birth, classical astrology reveals what characteristics make up your personality, as well as predicts events in your future. Astrology is a very complex and sophisticated art, in which every planet, the sun and moon signs as well as the relationship and angle of the planets has a distinct meaning that allows astrologers to reflect on the past as well as look into the unfolding realities of the future.

Fundamentals of Astrology

Despite the different types of astrology, it is clear that astrologers agree on certain principles. For instance, the moons gravity is a key factor that is an undeniable force upon the earth, causing the tides here on planet earth. Humans too are composed largely of water, so the gravitational pull of the moon impacts greatly on our own mental and physical state. Moreover each planet has a gravitational pull on the other, as well as the earth again and also on us as humans. Whatever the skeptics may say, the movements of the planets have an enormous impact on human beings. This alone vindicates the astrological way of trying to predict our behavior and personalities based upon what we know the planets will do in their cycles of motion. As creatures we are intrinsically sensitive to the movements of the cosmos above our heads.


Scientists and astrologers agree that the positions of the planets can be predicted with an amazingly high level of accuracy. Indeed since the dawn of time, humans have been observing and recording the cycles and movements of the planets. Ask any scientist and astrologer and they will tell you that the planet positions have a close correlation to the behavioral patterns of humans. In fact, many believe that personality and the planet positions are in fact synonymous. Therefore it is not uncommon to hear people suffering the blues say “I’m feeling down today as my planets are out of line.” Or when there is a full moon it is not rare to see people act somewhat different to their everyday personas. In fact, the word “lunatic” derives from the word “lunar” – meaning the moon - and came about because of erratic behavior observed during the full moon. 

Many believe that astrology can truly help you to change the course of your life. Try discovering it yourself today, as understanding the connection between the earth and the sky can truly affect you.

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