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How to Write a Good Horoscope
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 09/12/2006 | Astrology Secrets |
How to Write a Good Horoscope

How to Write a Good HoroscopeWhether you believe in it or not everyone at one time or another has had a quick read through their horoscopes. In fact, so many people read and rely on their horoscopes for guidance that many of the leading daily newspapers have specialists writing daily columns to cater for the great demand.

After all, don’t we all get a huge smile on the dial when we read in our stars that fame and fortune or true love is on the horizon. It makes our day that whole lot sweeter. Just the possibility of a better tomorrow is enough for most of us.

So you want to become a horoscope writer, too? And why wouldn’t you. There are not many jobs in the world that can pride themselves on making others feel special everyday right

So just how does one become a good horoscope writer?

One of the best ways of becoming a good horoscope writer is by reading. That means allocating a portion of time each day to read as many horoscopes as possible and taking notes and comparing writing styles. Take notes on the things that tickle your fancy as well as the things that leave a sour taste in your mouth. By incorporating the best bits and leaving out the worst pieces in your horoscope writing, you are well on your way to becoming a reputable horoscope writer.

Another useful tool in horoscope writing is the language itself. You should always try to sound specific with your wording, yet while actually remaining vague. When reading a horoscope, people tend to say “That sure does sound like me,” or “That did happen to me,” because they are trying to make it fit into their life. 
Remember, you are writing for the masses not just to indivduals. Try statements like “An interesting financial transaction is headed your way.” This is better than “Money is headed your way,” because some people may not get money but rather lose money or spend money. Use the word “financial” because it is not money-specific, but could refer to trading of goods. Include the word interesting because “A financial transaction is headed your way,” is too vague and unbelievable as a horoscope. People have financial transactions of some form every day, but when they read “an interesting financial transaction,” they will try to isolate one of their transactions as being “interesting.” Most people who read horoscopes try to rationalize them on a subconscious level. 

Things that cannot be confirmed work well. Try something like “A potential romantic interest will talk to you,” or “Today you will interact with someone who likes you.” They will go through their day and encounter many people. Rather than interview each person they interacted with to find out if any of them secretly have a crush on them, they will quietly think about it on their own, asking themselves which one it was that liked them. Don’t say “A romantic interest will reveal themselves to you,” because that leads to the expectation of something solid, while something vague makes them wonder if that passing smile they got while walking down the street was perhaps something more. 

Know who your audience is!

Whether it is a horscope for a daily syndicated newspaper or a children’s internet site, you should always know who it is you are writing to, that way you can trailer your writing to meet their specifice needs. For instance, if you are targetting the readers of the New York Times, write something like “Your co-worker will make your day.” If you’re aiming at a tabloid, try something like “The alignment of the stars suggests that someone you know will make your day.” Not all target audiences will appreciate the “stars in alignment” angle. Of course, if you can read the stars, by all means do so. Simply put, think about who is reading it before you write it.

Learning how to read horoscopes

Any horoscope writer worth their salt has a high level of experience reading horoscopes, which is a complex and refined art in itself. At it’s very core, the horoscope is a map that is represented in two dimensional chart. This chart shows the positions of both the Sun and the Moon, as well as all planets at the precise moment of a person’s birth. The position of all of the planets are “fixed” in that moment, and say a great deal about the characteristics of that person. This is known as the birth chart, and it reflects a person’s personality, tastes and characteristics. As well as getting to know the birth chart, you need to be able to make ongoing predictions, reading what it likely to take place in a person’s immediate future. And indeed it is in making these day-to-day predictions that you will use your horoscope writing skills

To make regular predictions you will need become familiar with each of the twelve signs and the planets. You will need to have a good sense of the movements of the planets, and how their natural cycles will effect each star sign. To do this, you need to research and study, and keep abreast of astronomical developments

Whether it is for fun, or taken seriously, horoscope reading and writing is a wonderful thing to delve into. A good way to develeop your knowledge is to undertake courses, and read one of the literally thousands of good introductory books on Horoscopes. Then let your creative side that over by developing a unique writing technique!
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