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Fortune Telling With Tarot Cards
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 05/10/2006 | Tarot Reading |
Fortune Telling With Tarot Cards And Why It Is FUN!

Easy Tarot Reading and Fortune TellingI love to have my fortune told. I am a fan of tarot cards and I think that part of this love for the fortune reading lies in the fact that I do not really put too much stock in them. I enjoy them because they are fun. I do not make decisions according to a psychic reading but I was pleased to discover that I could have a free online tarot reading.

The times that I visited fortune tellers were few and far between. I definitely would visit an online tarot reading site more often than I would a fortune teller. One thing that each visit had in common was price. I spent at least thirty dollars per visit. The online tarot readings are free, and this is very appealing. I am less likely to be disgruntled by an inaccurate reading if it is free. I have had readings that were simply awful and none were exactly the same.

The only consistent thing that each fortune teller told me was that I was not a smoker. But I did smoke. When I told them that I was a smoker, they each said that I wasn’t going to be. I have quit smoking, but it wasn’t due to the fortune tellers. I just think that it is interesting that three out of three saw me without cigarettes at a time that I didn’t dream of quitting. I do wonder if an online tarot reading would have suggested that I did not smoke.

Part of the reason that the fortune tellers thought that I was not a smoker was because I did not smoke in front of them while they were having cigarettes. Part of me thinks that they just assumed that I did not smoke because they did not witness me smoking when I had an opportunity. An online tarot reading will not have the benefit of observing my actions to make judgments and conclusions that may be incorrect.

I found two online tarot sites. One was very difficult to navigate even though the instructions were very clear. The visitor enters a question and places the curser over the online tarot cards to shuffle them. The cards are dealt and the visitor clicks on the back of each card to get a reading. I found that my cards would not turn over and the operation kept timing out. I was not successful in having the online tarot reading at that site.

The second free online tarot reading site yielded very different results. The visitor simply thinks of a question. There is no typing involved. The visitor chooses a type of reading and clicks to deal the cards. The cards are dealt face up and the visitor has an opportunity to read his fortune. This online tarot site was quick and fun.

I did not have the opportunity to compare the outcome of the online tarot readings because I only had one. I wanted to see if the two readings were similar. I am going to try again to see if two different online tarot sites yield the same results. For now, I think I have a new way to entertain myself without visiting a smoky fortune teller.

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