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How Zodiac Reveals Sexual And Romantic Attractions
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/21/2005 | How Zodiac Reveals Sexual And Romantic Attractions |
How Zodiac Reveals Sexual and Romantic Attractions

Most of us would agree that attraction is some kind of energy or magnetism between two people, but very few of us understand how to read these attractions.

Yet, we are even delighted, elated, and often overwhelmed by some attractions. They seem impossible to resist, let alone understand. Even when we know the consequences of engaging an attraction that can be devastating to our lives, we may proceed anyway. this is when the attraction can be "fatal."

Is this some kind of madness, or is there a simple answer for "losing it" with another person?

The answer lies in the heavens and the "psychic sky" within us.

No doubt you have heard and read about that ancient statement "As Above So Below." But, to be honest, so few of us understand what this really means.

The psychic sky is that world within you that reflects the celestial pattern of the signs and planets at the moment you were born. This means that these energies are within you and are expressed in the daily drama of your life. Therefore, romantic attractions are based on how the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in your psyche relate to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in another person's psyche.

While this idea may astound and even seem absurd to some of you, it proves to be quite accurate when you investigate its validity through astrology.

A quick and simple way to determine if there is a romantic attraction between you and another person is to realize that planets are desires and signs are attitudes. When your desires and attitudes are in harmony with the other person's desires and attitudes, there is romantic harmony.

This harmony is determined by the sign position of the planets in your birth chart. As you may know signs are composed of fire, earth, air and water energies. When the planets of both parties are in harmonious elements, a happy relationship is possible. For instance, air signs are favorable to fire, and water signs are favorable to earth but not to fire and air.

Sexual harmony is based on the relationship of Venus and Mars in each person's chart. I have seen examples of intense sexual attraction between two people when the Venus of one person is in the same sign as the Mars of the other. these energies are even more intense when we find Pluto in the same sign as the other person's Venus or Mars.

There are many other patterns which explain the mystery of our attractions. But this information should be enough to help you understand what is going on in the background of your relationship.

A skilled astrologer can explain how all these complex energies work in your relationship with others.

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