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You can become that Deep Sea Fish That Lives and Thrives in Pressure!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 09/30/2013 | Luck And Destiny |
You can become that Deep Sea Fish That Lives and Thrives in Pressure!
 For a normal everyday person, pressure seems to be the twin sibling of life. Being pressured can happen to everyone, even the most laid-back easy-going person on earth. You might feel it pressing on you like a boulder, making your head ache constantly. Some people even fall sick during extreme situations. It is an unpleasant fact that pressure is second to human nature. However, there are ways to combating pressure and thriving from it like a deep-water fish.

First, you have to pinpoint the origin of your predicament. Do not try to put it behind you because the only way you can go forward is to resolve what was in your past. Take a gander at what had transpired and sift through them to recognize what had caused it. Is it work? School? Family? Friends? You have to pinpoint your priority and put a stop to the ambiguity of the situation. 


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Next step is to list out what these feelings of pressure have done to affect you. Sit down, get a pen and paper and make a list. Some examples of these effects are sleepless nights, migraine and listlessness among others. 

What you think might be ordinary headache might actually be caused by pressure. You have to recognize these ill effects to be able to put a stopper on them. Do not leave it to affect you for long periods of time because these effects themselves add to the root of your pressure.

After you have recognized the causes and effects, it is now time to strategize a solution. Before you plan on anything, lift your worries from your mind first to be able to think rationally. Keep a level head while thinking of how to solve your problems. Plan your realistic short-term strategies. It is important that you see some immediate results so you would not be discouraged and do a full circle by giving up halfway into your plans. 

When you have made your plans, think of the things they will bring into your life and keep it positive. Channel your energies into positive thinking to uplift your damaged spirits. In the middle of your plans, recognize which bring the best effects into your life and carry it out until the end. 

Whether or not you go through with the rest of your strategy depends entirely upon your discretion but do not give up on the one, which bring the most positive effects into your life. Draw strength and energy from these positive effects so you would feel satisfaction from life. 

As you go further into the process of executing your strategy, never divert from the method you intend to use in the beginning. Remember, the end does not justify the means. 

Do not take the shortcut into achieving your goal because then it would not mean much. The destination matters little to those who wish to better themselves - it is the journey which really matters. Through this journey, we learn and become better, happier people.

These are only some tips to make your life a little easier. Though it might sound easy when being read, it will take a lot of effort for one to live these tips out. Do not expect it to be smooth sailing all the way, you are sure to encounter some bumps on the road. However, if indeed you do, do not give up. Go back to step one and start all over again and before you know it, you will have become that deep-sea fish which lives AND thrives in pressure.

Stress can be divided into mental, emotional and physiological reactions of the body. Stress at times has the positive impact on the individual as helps in boosting the work abilities of an individual. But as excess of everything is bad, so is the excess of stress which can be detrimental for an individual. 

The events, which give birth to the situation of stress, are known as stressors, such as per pressure among kids, generation gap between the parents and the individuals, increasing workload at the work place and meeting out the expectations in a relationship. The condition of stress can also crop up when an individual is tormented or is bare to violence. 

A child can face the condition of stress when he or she is not able to cope up with the school curriculum or is facing problem with some particular subject or a teacher. Also, smoking is the major cause of stress, as opposed to the general belief that it helps in mood alterations. After great research, it has been proven that dependency of nicotine heightens the level of stress. 

Moreover, the body of a human being retorts to stressors by the efficient working of nervous system and some precise hormones. The adrenal gland produces more of hormones, such as adrenaline and cortical which are released in the bloodstream of the individual. These hormones are not good for the human health as they at times initiate the speed of hate rate, pressure of the blood and the metabolism of the human body. 

Stress can lead to dizzy sleeps, fatigue, headaches, cardiovascular ailments, insomnia and muscle cramps. Stress has a negative effect on our immune system making it easily susceptible to diseases. 

The best method of fighting stress is learning the art of managing it. Methods of managing stress are proven beneficiary if they are practiced regularly. There are various methods to control the stress conditions, such as long walks, acupressure, walk therapy, laughter therapy, naturopathy, engaging you with pets and charity, spirituality, yoga, meditation and music therapy. The best way to manage the stress conditions is to change your mind set from pessimistic view of life to optimistic view of life. 

Also, the individual should accept the changes with an open arm and should not become apprehensive about the conditions, which will be the result of the change. The person should judge the real worth and then set the targets so as there are no depressions when an individual fails to meet out the demands at the work place. Also, the individual should set his priorities and then try out his best to meet out the standards by utilizing his time and energy to its fullest. 

The mind-set, attitude and acquaintance of an individual are all based on the inner feelings of the individual. Our thoughts can be sanguine or glum, fervent or dreary and vigorous or submissive. What matters the most is the attitude of the personage towards the situations. 

Some individuals crib and yet do the work and there are some who do the work happily and thus produce the better results. 

This is a clear indication of how the individual's mind set helps in making of the person. Positive thinking sounds good but it comes into being by a considerate amount of hard work and self-control. 

Positive thinking is the psychological outlook that allows the belief, expressions and metaphors which helps in building of the character of the individual and aids the augmentation, development and accomplishment of the personage. The mind where positive thoughts dwell anticipates contentment and bliss. Thus, for your all round development it is necessary to practice the technique of positive thinking.

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