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How to Achieve Happiness in Your Job and Career!
Published on 06/28/2013
 With any important factor in your life your job is something that you need to take seriously. You have to be willing to go after your dreams and know what is going to help you the most in your happiness. Thinking about what you want in your career and how you want to achieve your goals is a very big part of your life. 

How to Achieve Happiness in Your Career and Job!
 With any important factor in your life your job is something that you need to take seriously. You have to be willing to go after your dreams and know what is going to help you the most in your happiness. Thinking about what you want in your career and how you want to achieve your goals is a very big part of your life. 

Self assessment is something that you need to do in order to figure out what you want to achieve in life. You will use self-assessment because this is the gathering of information about yourself in order to make a good decision about your career and other parts of your life. 


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It is going to be the first step in the career planning process and is going to be done either on your own or with the help of a career development professional. 

When you are trying to figure out your career goals, you need to think about your values, personality, interests, and the skills that you have. You will want to take a good look at everything that you have already achieved and where you want to go from there. There are going to be tools that will help you do this and get you on the right track to a very important and promising life. 

Think about your values and what they mean to you. You will want to find out what makes you happy and where you want to be in a few years. Once you know all of these factors you will be better able to focus in on the goals that you need to set in place. You will want 
to make a list and keep it close by so that you can connect with the things that you have done and the items that you have left to do. 

Take an inventory of your life and the goals that you want to bring to your career. There are going to be questions that you need to answer and this is going to be something that helps you better find out what you need to start doing. 

Motivation is something that is very crucial to your achieving goals and making the career that you want the most in life. List it all in order that you want it to happen and this will help you put your goals in sequence the way they need to be achieved. 

Personality inventory is another idea to figure out what you want to do in your career goals. You need to look at your individual traits and the things that make you want more in life. Think about your attitude and how you can adjust it better to make your career enhance even further. You want to make your inventory list according to how you really feel and keep focused on these things constantly when you are working. 

Listing the skills that you have is also important. You need to list what you already know that you are going to use in your career and what you are going to also have to learn. Education is something that you can always increase and you need to be aware of all the opportunities that are out there waiting for you. 

Thinking about the skills that you are already good at will help you build your confidence in the career move that you want to do. It is one list that you are going to want to use as a reference so that you can build on your motivation to begin satisfaction with the career that you are working hard to create.

Happiness is a very difficult thing to seek. The reason why this feeling is so hard to pinpoint is because you can have many triggers that make you feel happy. It's almost like an illusion because you can be very happy one minute and then unhappy the next minute. The key is to find a job that makes you feel overall satisfied. You will want to think about the link between your happiness and your social link. A lot of people find that with jobs that help people it tends to be very fulfilling. You will want to consider that there are of reasons why you could find happiness at another job. 

The first thing that you will want to do to make your transition as smooth as possible is to sit down and assess what it is that makes you happy. You'll want to make sure that you think about your true feelings and also think about the things that you need from the next job in order to be financially secure and secure within the job field. 

You obviously don't want to take a job that you probably would be good at, but have never done. You may even want to think about jobs within your current job field. Like, you may want to switch to Accounts Payable instead of staying with Accounts Receivables. You will need to figure out what it is that you want from the next job. 

Also, if you have a family you will want to talk to your mate and your children about the decision to leave your current job. You will be able to see if you have the support to back you up from the family. If your family doesn't think that the new job is a good idea, you may want to take that inconsideration. 

Often moving with children can be very difficult. Taking a pay cut to do something that you love is often ridiculous as well. You just need to have the family support in order to give you courage. Everyone needs to jump on the bandwagon so that you can keep the family unit as one. 

Have you ever heard of the saying, "The grass is greener on the other side"? 

This is exactly what you will want to think about. How much better could this other job be? There are always reasons why someone will go from one job to the next, but then there are always times where they start thinking that the move wasn't a good choice to make at this time. You will also find that when it comes to moving from job to job you have to look back and reflect on personal experience. You need to learn from your past mistakes. 

Although you still need to assess and list what your personal needs are at the moment, you will still need to consider that moving on to a new company and a new career is always a scary chance. The fact is, you may not like this job, and if there is any doubt in your mind, then you need to be honest with yourself. 

Everyone thinks that if they move on to another job they have to see the money. However, money should not be the only reason why you leave your current job and you can't allow it to be the main reason. Money can always be made, but the fact is you still need a job that covers all of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. 

You need to have a job that covers your safety (security), social needs, self esteem, and self-actualization. You need to look for a job that will give you personal finance security, personal safety, and also job security. You will also need to look for a job that will make you feel apart of something or satisfy your social needs. 

As for self esteem, you may want to look for a job that makes you feel important to someone or something. Then if you can find the perfect job you will find self-actualization or job satisfaction.

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