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Genuine Rom Gypsy Advice
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/5/2005 | How You Can Get Genuine Rom Gypsy Advice |
Genuine Gypsy Reading And Advice For Life
Genuine Rom Gypsy Advice Offering NOT Just Reading, But Guidance As Well!

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It is rare to find a geunine personal intuitive advisor and here is one you may like to know about! She is Allie, a descendant of the Rom gypsies of Transylvania as well as a writer, motivator and ordained minister with a thriving practice in Ohio. 

She is gifted with clairvoyance (seeing psychic visions), claircognizance (knowing facts without knowing how she received the information), clairaudience (hearing the voice of the Divine), energy/light healing, dream travel, prophecy and the knack with communicating with my spirit guides and angels and have been doing readings since I was 10 - with the use of Tarot cards, Runes and Numerology as tools to keep her visions focused. It is heartening to see someone who doesn't use computer scripts or software to help their clients but a real person who is using her gifts to benefit mankind. If you would like to have a reading with Allie, Click Here For Genuine Gypsy Advice and Readings