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The Hanged Man
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/3/2005 | The Hanged Man |
The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

the hanged man, tarot cards

The gallows from which he is suspended forms a Tau cross,
while the figure-'from the position of the legs-forms a
fylfot cross.

There is a nimbus about the head of the seeming martyr.

It should be noted :
(1) that the tree of sacrifice is living wood, with leaves
(2) that the face expresses deep entrance-ment, not
(3) that the figure, as a whole, suggests life in
suspension, but life and not death.

It is a card of profound significance, but all the
significance is veiled. One of his editors suggests that
Eliphas Levi did not know the meaning, which is
unquestionable1-nor did the editor himself. It has been
called falsely a card of martyrdom, a card of prudence, a
card of the Great Work, a card of duty; but we may exhaust
all published interpretations and find only vanity.

I will say very simply on ' my own part that it expresses
the relation, in one of its aspects, between the Divine and
the Universe.

He who can understand that the story of his higher nature is
imbedded in this symbolism will receive intimations
concerning a great awakening that is possible, and will know
that after the sacred Mystery Of Death there is a glorious
Mystery Of Resurrection.