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The Empress
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/3/2005 | The Empress |
The Empress

The Empress

the empress, tarot reading

A stately figure, seated, having rich vestments and royal
aspect, as of a daughter of heaven and earth. Her diadem is
of twelve stars, gathered in a cluster.

The symbol of Venus is on the shield which rests near her. A
field of corn is ripening in front of her, and beyond there
is a fall of water. The scepter which she bears is
surmounted by the globe of this world. She is the inferior
Garden of Eden, the Earthly Paradise, all that is symbolized
by the visible house of man. She is not Regina coeli, but
she is still refugium peccatorum, the fruitful mother of

There are also certain aspects in which she has been
correctly described as desire and the wings thereof, as the
woman clothed with the sun, as Gloria Mundi and the veil of
the Sanctum Sanctorum-, but she is not, I may add, the soul
that has attained wings, unless all the symbolism is counted
up another and unusual way. She is above all things
universal fecundity and the outer sense of the Word. This is
obvious, because there is no direct message which has been
given to man like that which is borne by woman; but she does
not herself carry its interpretation.

In another order of ideas, the card of the Empress signifies
the door or gate by which an entrance is obtained into this
life, as into the Garden of Venus; and then the way which
leads out therefrom, into that which is beyond, is the
secret known to the High Priestess: it is communicated by
her to the elect. Most old attributions of this card are
completely wrong on the symbolism- as, for example, its
identification with the Word, Divine Nature, the Triad, and
so forth.