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Questions of Metaphysics: Its Relation to Fortune Telling
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 03/23/2009 | Luck And Destiny |
Metaphysics: Its Relation to Fortune Telling
 The term metaphysical is one which is often used, but not exactly universally understood. Applied in various books, practices, mostly those dealing with the paranormal like fortune telling, or the movement of items using one’s mind, as well as in certain areas in philosophy, the metaphysical term is one which sounds deep, at times even exploited with many of those who use the metaphysical term as such not truly grasping the essence of the metaphysical term.

1) About Metaphysical

Metaphysics, from which the metaphysical term is derived from, is basically known for being a branch of philosophy, where the investigation of the principles of reality are set into play. 

Such principles of realty put into question would result to the act of transcending the various bodies of knowledge already known to the world, like those of ontology and cosmology.

The term is one taken from Greek, with the words “meta”and physica, which would result to “after” and “physics”, respectively. 

The whole “after”, stands to be the title of a chapter in Aristotle’s work, which was titled “physics”, thus the term. Basically, being in a metaphysical mindset entails the explanation of the nature of being along with the nature of the word, resulting to metaphysics being the study of what transcends physics.

Aside from Aristotle, Immanuel Kant is one name often associated with being in a metaphysical state of mind, and is quite famous for raising questions entailing the value of a soul, the existence of a God, as well as the whole concept of being free, or that of a state of freedom.

Questions like, “Why does the World even exist?”“Is there really a God?” or “Just what is God?” are known to be often tackled by a number of metaphysical philosophers.

2) Metaphysics and its Relation to Fortune Telling

Technically, as many fortune telling systems and cultures entail certain aspects of divinity, metaphysics is often included into the mix of a fortune teller’s “abilities”, even labeled as a “secret weapon”, in finding out just what is to come in the days ahead.

Oftentimes though, the use of the metaphysical term is one which boasts to have no relation to a  fortune teller’s job at all, and could even be categorized as among the many “big words” which evidently scam-artist fortune tellers say, just so to sound convincing.

Foretelling the future is one thing that many cultures don’t always see eye to eye on, as some cultures are known to advocate such, while within such cultures there are sects known not to. 

All in all, when metaphysics is being talked about, remember that it is a branch of philosophy, and not a system to which the future could be foretold. 

3) Metaphysical Questions

Metaphysics is a special branch of philosophy. It examines principles, ideas, theories, and facts that are beyond the realm of any particular natural science. Metaphysics also tries to explain the ultimate nature of being and the world. 

There are several central metaphysical questions that this science attempts to answer. Most metaphysical positions are based on these questions that are endorsed by philosophers. 

Because of their empirical nature, it is quite hard to frame these questions in a manner that does not promote a bit of controversy. Some of these are questions about:

a) Mind and matter – Metaphycisists and philosophers want to solve the mystery of the nature of matter. That’s because the nature of the mind and its relation to the body creates a conceptual puzzle as to how mind and matter interacts with each other. 

An interesting idea is an aspect of idealism. Idealism states that everything has a mind in one way or another, rather than an idea stating that everything is in the mind. In many ways, science has revealed that the mind does interact with the body or materials. However, as to how it interacts is still subject to study and debate.

b) Objects and their properties – Metaphysicists classify objects into physical such as apples, and abstract such as love and numbers. For example, take two oranges. 

They are round, they have the same color, and they are both fruits. Considering this fact, there must be something in common between these two separate fruits. 

This metaphysical question deals with the nature and relationship of objects and its internal properties.

c) Identity and change – This metaphysical question deals with the relationship of numerical identity (the relationship of a certain thing to itself) and sameness (that which no certain thing bears a relationship or anything other than itself). 

According to metaphysicists, if a certain object is the same or similar to another object, then any property that the former object has will also be present in the latter as well. 

But over time, objects change. What is, therefore, the metaphysical relationship between change and sameness? That is what metaphysicists are trying to answer.

d) Space and time – What exactly is the nature of time? Is it in a straight line or does it run in a cycle? These are metaphysical questions that philosophers are also trying to answer and explain.

So now you understand that metaphysics approach things in a nonstandard way. The subjects of its study are very abstract and touch the foundations of philosophy or even spirituality.  

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