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Zen Meditation: Show You What Your True Nature Is!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/14/2008 | Meditation And Spirituality |
Zen Meditation: Why Practice Zen?
There are millions of people who regularly visit their therapistsí offices, asking where they fit into the world. They donít feel as though they belong to anyone or anything.

They want more of things that they donít have, and donít appreciate the things they do have. Those people would do well to learn about living a Zen lifestyle. Zen teaching is meant to show us what our true nature is. Before you can feel a part of something, you have to know who you are, and Zen is one way to discover exactly that.

1) Zen Lifestyle

Living a Zen lifestyle means eliminating all of the things that you donít need. We clutter our lives with so much junk that we seem to not know where to turn anymore.

I live in a very rural area. The area I live in does not have much cell phone access, so most people donít have cell phones. I went to a large city once and was shocked when I was shopping to hear cell phones ringing every few minutes.

One moment Iíd hear the shrill cry of a ring, the next the smooth tones of a singer. Everyone was on a cell phone! Now, I certainly understand the importance of being able to contact someone in an emergency, but how could these shoppers be enjoying their experience when their phones kept going off?

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In the Zen lifestyle, you eliminate the things you donít need, and focus on the things you do need. Do you truly need the latest cell phone out there, or is last yearís model enough?

Do you need another pair of sneakers when you already have three pairs?

Do you have to put in extra hours at work when youíre financially stable?

Learning how to let go of some of the things you donít need is the first step to bringing Zen into your life.

2) Practicing Zen

A great way to practice Zen is to do Zen meditation. This allows you to focus your mind and to get in touch with yourself. To practice Zen meditation, you should first locate a comfortable place. Put a small pillow down or fold up a blanket.

You want to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you will fall asleep easily. Make sure you wear loose clothing; you might not want to practice when your stomach is too full, or too empty, as it will distract you during your meditation.

When you are doing the full-lotus posture, you should cross your legs, putting you right foot on top of your left thigh, and your left foot on top of your right thigh. Your knees should be touching the floor or mat beneath you.

Your back should always be straight, and your chin should be tucked in. Some teachers prefer that you stick your buttocks out as well.

Your left hand should lie on your right hand. The palms should be open, and the thumbs should be open and touching just a bit. Your midsection should be relaxed and your eyes should be half-closed. If you find yourself closing your eyes and falling asleep, open them.

Once you are in the proper position, rock your body a little bit so that you can easily find your center of balance. Inhale deeply, then exhale deeply a few times, then let your breathing return to normal.

3) Clouds Passing By

When you first start meditating, it is sometimes difficult to find a way to get to the point youíre trying to achieve.

Instead of trying to focus, start by counting your breathing. Count to 10 and then start again at one, over and over. Try not to think of anything by emptying your mind, and when you do think of something, pretend that it is like a cloud: You see the cloud and acknowledge it, but you let it pass on by.

You will want to continue this pattern, beginning with 10 minutes of meditation at a time. You can do your 10 minutes of meditation and then walk around the room for a few moments, one foot in front of the other, before returning to your meditation for another 10 minutes.

This is a great way to build up your stamina. Some experts that practice Zen meditation sit for 40 minutes or more at a time each day in order to their mind.

In practicing Zen, you are trying to live your life in the present and let go of everything else. Each breath should be experienced to the fullest, and you should not think or worry about anything.

Practicing Zen meditation allows you to focus your mind so that you can understand what is truly important to you and who you really are.

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