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Tarot Greater Arcana Death
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/3/2005 | Tarot Greater Arcana Death |
Tarot Greater Arcana - Death


Tarot reading and instruction - death

The veil or mask of life is perpetuated in change,
transformation and passage from lower to higher, and this is
more fitly represented in the rectified Tarot by one of the
apocalyptic visions than by the crude notion of the reaping

Behind it lies the whole world of ascent in the spirit. The
mysterious horseman moves slowly, bearing a black banner
emblazoned with the Mystic Rose, which signifies life.
Between two pillars on the verge of the horizon there shines
the sun of immortality. The horseman carries no visible
weapon, but king and child and maiden fall before him, while
a prelate with clasped hands awaits his end.

There should be no need to point out that the suggestion of
death which T have made in connection with the previous card
is, of course, to be understood mystically, but this is not
the case in the present instance.

The natural transit of man to the next stage of his being
either is or may be one form of his progress, but the exotic
and almost unknown entrance, while still in this life, into
the state of mystical death is a change in the form of
consciousness and the passage into a state to which ordinary
death is neither the path nor gate. The existing occult
explanations of the 13th card are, on the whole, better than
usual, rebirth, creation, destination, renewal, and the