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Secrets of the Reiki Symbols and Reiki Healing You Can Do For Yourself
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 05/25/2008 | Meditation And Spirituality |
Secrets of Reiki Symbols and Reiki Healing You Can Do For Yourself

 Reiki symbols are passed from Reiki Master to Reiki Master and are most commonly used for healing and protection.  Of Japanese origin, the secrecy of the Reiki symbols is actually a Western tradition.  It is not uncommon in Japan to see Reiki symbols displayed very openly, even in public places. 

There are several schools of thought when it comes to Reiki. One is that you must be trained in the correct way to use a Reiki symbol before you will be able to activate the benefits. 

There is only one way that the symbol will work according to these schools of thought, and you must draw or use the symbol correctly each time in order to activate it. 

Other ways of thinking state that you can draw the symbol, trace it with your hand, or even just say the name of the symbol out loud or in your head once you are trained. 

One area in which the various ways of thinking agree, though, is that you must have a Reiki Attunement before you can use the symbols. 

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This gets your body used to the Reiki energy and prepares you to use the Life Force Energy.  Depending on the symbols that the Reiki Master uses on you, the effect may be permanent or temporary. 

The question that most have, though, is, that if Reiki is something that can only be taught and enabled by a Master, then how did it get started? 

With study and dedication, it may just be possible for you to learn to attune yourself without the help of a Reiki Master.

However, if you choose to, you may be able to pay for an attunement anyway.  In fact there are even places to learn to do your own Reiki attunement online so that you have no need of classes.

The Primary Symbols

Some of the most common Reiki symbols are the following:

Cho Ku Ray Power
This symbol increases the Reiki power that you are using, brining energy from the rest of the world around you to focus it exactly where you want it. 

Sei Hei Ki Mental or Emotional
This symbol indicates the divine within us, making humanity and God into one.  It is used to create an emotional release after a build up in the recipient of the energy, and can be used to focus to heal and calm the mind. 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Distance
This symbol indicates that the God in the sender greets the God in the recipient.  It is used to promote peace and enlightenment, and is used to send Reiki healing energy across a distance to perform distance healing.

There are twelve basic hand positions for self-treatment with Reiki.  The first is with both hands over your face and eyes, with your nose and mouth exposed.  Your palms should be cupping your eyes, no pressure needed. 

The second is with both hands on your head just behind or above your ears.  Your fingertips should meet at the crown of your head. 

The third is with both hands resting behind your head.  One should rest just above the nape of your neck, and the other should be just above it. 

The fourth is with your chin resting in the palms of your hands.  Your fingers should stretch along your jaw line.

The fifth is with one hand around your throat gently, with your thumb to one side and your fingers to the other.  Your other hand should rest on your chest just below your collarbone. 

The sixth is with your hands resting on your upper rib cage.  For women, this means that your hands are placed just below the breasts.

The seventh is with your fingertips touching above your solar plexus, your hands to each side. 

The eighth is with one hand along each side of your pelvic bone.  Your fingers should be touching. 

The ninth is with your hands on the backs of your shoulders or on your shoulder blades.  You should be reaching up and over your shoulders to get in this position. 

The tenth is with your hands meeting at the fingertips in the center of your back.

The eleventh is with your fingertips meeting at your low back. 

The twelfth is with your hands resting in the sacral region, meeting about at your tailbone. 

When you lay your hands on one of these healing energy points, you are meant to draw energy though the channels of your body rather than trying to push your energy out through your hands or otherwise draw from some parts of your body to the others.  Instead, look to draw the energy through the channels in your body from the world around you. 

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