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How To Read Tarot - Justice Tarot Card: Life is a balancing act!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 11/26/2007 | The Justice Tarot Card |
How To Read Tarot - The Justice Tarot Card: Life is a Balancing Act!

 Justice might be one of the wisest tarot cards of the deck! Pictured on the card is an often blindfolded woman seated on a throne, holding a sword in one hand and balancing scales in the other. What do these two objects symbolize? What can the Justice card mean for your life? Let's find out!

The old adage “Justice is blind” is really showcased here. When you are given the Justice tarot card, which is ruled by the stoic Libra, it probably means that it is time for you to make a few changes to your life, changes that will likely be undesired. Justice is about fairness and necessity, not about warm, cozy feelings or exciting adventure.

1) The Blind Woman

The story behind Justice has our protagonist, the fool, overhear a blind woman solving a dispute between two quarreling brothers. One brother has received a whole inheritance, while the other has received nothing. The rich brother feels he rightfully deserves the money, while the poor brother wishes he had all of it instead, as he is less wasteful.

Expectedly, the blind woman decides to split the inheritance down the middle, so each brother has half of it. But neither of the brothers are happy after this judgment – the formally poor brother believes his sibling will now waste the inheritance he is given, while the formally rich brother is simply mad that he has less money than before.

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However, it is clear that splitting the inheritance was the most fair action; the blind woman justifies her decision by explaining how the greedy, wasteful brother now has less money to throw around and will be forced to be more frugal, while the less thrifty brother will have the exact amount of money he needs.

2) Do you need to put on a pair of blindfolds?

You may indeed be literally arguing over an inheritance! Indeed, the Justice card could signify court proceedings to come.

However, it's more likely that you have other less obvious decisions of fairness to be made. So don't think of fairness in simply the context of the court system. You may be the only judge and jury present.

The blind woman could simply be reminding you to be honest with yourself about an addiction or a bad relationship that you need to get rid of for the sake of your future. Or perhaps you need to make amends to someone you've wronged.

3) The road less taken

Often, the course of action that needs to be taken is not one you will be eager to take! This is why there is a sword on the Justice tarot card; the right thing to do is not always the easiest.

However, remember those scales! When you have balance in your life, you will be happier and better for it, so any steps you take to gain that are worthwhile steps. In the long run, you are doing yourself a service. It just may not “feel” like it right away; while the brothers both ended up with a fair amount of money, they both “felt” like they got less than they deserved.

Consider when you save money. While you're benefiting yourself and your future with savings, you may feel a great loss about the television or car you wanted to buy today, but can't.

Justice is objective and maybe even cold at times, but you can't really argue with her! Often, you know what to do, but are just reluctant about doing it. When you get the Justice card, it is most certainly time to go ahead and do the mature, wise thing, even if it means putting off immediate gratification and asking for physical or emotional discomfort.

For example, calling an ex lover and apologizing for the way you treated him or her is never a fun thing to do. Remember, however, that putting that water under the bridge will release you of your past and help you head into your future with a level-headed focus.

4) Balancing the scales

Equilibrium is always the end goal when Justice is involved, whatever the circumstances. You might be struggling to lose weight because you can't stop eating junk food. Justice tells you to stop buying unhealthy snacks at the store. Justice tells you to tough it up and run that mile every morning. Justice leaves no room for if's, and's, and but's!

Consider Justice a parent, judge, boss, or teacher, who knows what's best for you. If you're choosing one path in life because of your own misguided bias, then it might be time to turn around and follow the advice of someone else.

Sometimes we all need a little direction in life and on occasion, we need to be unpleasantly shoved into doing the right thing. While we might be upset or frustrated by the consequences of our actions – going through withdrawal after we decide to quit drinking, etc – Justice is one of the least negative cards, as it always signals a good, necessary change in your life.

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