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How To Make Your Prayers 10X Stronger!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/25/2007 | Meditation And Spirituality |
How To Make Your Prayers 10X Stronger!

 It's not about how you bow your head, it's about what's in your head! Prayer has been around for thousands of years, people of all religions and faiths practicing it on an often daily basis. Whether you bow your head and kneel, dance, or fast, your meditations are probably a key contributing factor to your peace and happiness.

Prayer, indeed, has many functions: to unite the physical and metaphysical worlds, to indoctrinate religious people, and of course – to get results!

If you want to properly utilize prayer in your life, there are several ways to go about increasing the awesome power of prayer.

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Here are some tips on making your prayers ten times stronger!

Find the words

Do you have trouble finding the right words to say during grace or focusing your thoughts when you meditate?

Praying is a habit, just like brushing your teeth. But it is also a skill! If you struggle with finding the right words for your prayers, then start by borrowing the words of others.

If you're Christian, there are several psalms and hymns to turn to – many non-Christians might find them comforting as well. Similarly, other religious and even secular texts are there to guide you in your prayer life.

It's okay to ask for help! Another approach is to keep a prayer journal; jot down all your desires and anxieties on paper and you will find that it is much easier to ponder them later.

The Placebo Effect

If you are like me, you are a bit skeptical that asking a deity for something you want or need will be effective. However, there are many studies that prove prayer enhances a person's quality of life, and this is often justified by “the placebo effect.”

So even if you are not an especially spiritual person, the power of prayer is very real!

As you pray, it is important that you immerse your whole body and mind into your meditation and believe with all your might that this act will help to calm your nerves, minimize your worries, and help you achieve your goals in life.

Only if you are fully committed to prayer, can you get the results you are looking for! Whether you are praying to a God or to the mysterious powers of the Universe or to yourself, you must trust that you are not wasting your time and that someone is out there listening. In other words, prayer is useless without faith.

Day by day

Prayer shouldn't be a side note or just something you do every now and then; at least not if you want it to be effective. Meditation should be a daily routine, a part of your existence.

If you want to be truly enlightened about the world and your place in it, then make sure to constantly be thoughtful about everything that's going on around you. The more you pray, the more effective your prayer will be.

At times, you will be going along swimmingly in life, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a time out to pray. Instead, it's probably time to say “thank you.” Don't count sheep at night, count your blessings.

Be specific

It's okay to say what you want! What's the point of prayer if you're too afraid to be anything more than vague? Do you want a new car? Turn your prayers into a journey of discovery.

What can you do to afford the car? Etc. Constantly ask these specific questions and you will get answers.

Again, going back to the Placebo Effect – only if we are looking for the answers, will we see them in front of us. If you are confident in your prayer life and you pose direct inquiries, you will see opportunities to solve your problems pop up regularly.

Get rid of distractions

It's hard to sit down and pray if the dog is barking or your children are begging for your attention or your stomach is growling. It is essential that you move as many distractions as possible as you meditate. Pick out a time of day that can be your “quiet time.”

Do not bargain

Prayer is not about negotiating. Do not expect that if you promise to do something, you will get what you want in return.

You will only end up disappointed if this is your approach. Instead, your only goal should be to search your soul for the clarity you need and to become one with a deity or the universe. You should only say or think a prayer if it comes from your heart of hearts – a prayer is not a test for God.

Be open minded

There are many forms of prayer. Group, solo, chants, dances, etc. When thinking about prayer, be open minded and consider all kinds of meditation!

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