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Lucid Dreaming: How To Have A Lucid Dream
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 10/10/2007 | Lucid Dreaming |
Lucid Dreaming: How To Have A Lucid Dream

 Maybe pigs can’t fly yet, but you sure can. At least in your dreams. Lucid dreaming is  a mysterious art form that many people wish they could master. You may have experienced a lucid dream, in which you were aware you were dreaming, on accident.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could have that self-awareness on a regular basis, and as a result – influence your dreams?

When you reach the Lucid Dreaming state, you
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Dreaming is realizing you are dreaming as you dream. When you reach the Lucid Dreaming state, you will be able to control your dreams and experience anything you wish.
Maybe you’d like to take a flight through the sky or make other impossible things possible. Or maybe you’d like to tell your boss you think he’s unfair, without getting fired in real life.

There are many appeals to lucid dreaming, and if you can learn the elusive skill, then a world of excitement and an opportunity for personal growth await you.

I remember standing out on a deck in the foggy night air and having a most peculiar, amazing thought: I am dreaming right now. I can walk through walls. And then I immediately walked through a wall… well, at least in my dream!

I will never forget this accidental lucid dream and I certainly would like to experience something like that again. But how? In order to become an expert lucid dreamer, you must understand the basics of the art.

Why not just have normal dreams?

What is the effect of lucid dreaming? Not only do we all desire to control our environment and make fantastical things happen, but a dream is a safe place to rehearse for our waking life.

This is not to say our real world fears and anxieties don’t follow us into our sleep, but no character or plot we conjure up in our dreams can physically harm us and no one but the dreamer will know what happens in a dream.

This means that a baseball player can practice his swing, a politician can practice her speech, or a newly widowed man can find love again – all without actual consequences.

Lucid dreaming gives people a forum; a place they can test the water or fulfill their desires. It also gives them a place to confront their fears. When we are able to control our dreams, we can turn those nightmares into memorable, productive fantasies.

How to lucid dream

Many folks spend years and years perfecting the craft of lucid dreaming, but if you’re like me, you’re not about to dedicate your time and energy to such an endeavor.

After all, you probably have a full-time job and/or children to worry about! So what are some simple tips to having clear, lucid dreams? Luckily, there are easy things you and I can do to control our dreams.

1.Keep a dream journal

The first step toward effective lucid dreaming is to log all your dreams on paper. As soon as you wake up from a dream, jot down everything you remember from it.

Do this every morning as well. The better your dream recall, the better your ability to lucid dream will be. One of the goals of maintaining a dream diary is to find out if you are already having lucid dreams as is! You may very well be.

2.Notice trends

Now that you have a log of your dreams, you can begin to take them apart. Are there patterns to your dreams? For example, do certain objects always show up, is there a setting that you commonly dream about, do you feel your dream is first or third person, etc…?

Once you notice these regularities, you can then train yourself to respond to them with the question “Am I dreaming or is this real?” If you raise your self-consciousness and doubt, lucid dreaming is all the more possible.

3.Expect to lucid dream

Every night before you go to sleep, write down on paper “I will have a lucid dream.” Studies have shown that when you suggest things to your subconscious, while conscious, your suggestions are often taken to heart!

So if you plan on having a lucid dream, say so. 

4.Short is not as sweet

Many people complain that they can’t prolong their lucid dreams. There are three techniques to doing just that. When you realize you are in a dream, spin around, rub your hands together, and focus on an object in it, repeating to yourself “the next scene will be a dream.”

After you practice some of these techniques, you may want to invest in lucid dreaming products and courses too.

One of the biggest mysteries about lucid dreaming is whether or not the ancient art serves to increase the frequency of lucid dreams or on the other hand, simply improves lucid dream recall.

Either way, the more aware we are of our dreams, the more aware we will be in our waking life. If we want clarity about real world problems, we can gain it by having clarity in our dreams!

Lucid dreaming is closely related to astral projection! So, I would be sharing some of my lucid dreaming journeys here and I wish you many sweet lucid dreams this evening.

When you reach the Lucid Dreaming state, you
will be able to control your dreams and EXPERIENCE
anything you wish! Learn how to Lucid Dream EASILY
and FEEL the effect in MINUTES!
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