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My Amazing Journey With Tarot
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 12/3/2005 | Tarot Reading |
My Amazing Journey With Tarot And Tarot Reading
My Amazing Journey With Tarot and Tarot Reading

My passion with tarot cards and tarot reading started just over a year ago when I had the chance to meet a true tarot reading master residing in Great Britain. Read about what started me on this amazing journey of learning about how the use of tarot has changed my life ...

For a long time since when I was a teenager I had long heard of the amazing and colorful stories of tarot cards and tarot reading. Just over a year ago, I was being presented with the challenge of having have to make a very difficult decision in my life. Fear of the unknown, and fear of the future and what was to come made me feel frustrated with life and with what life was throwing at me during that moment of my life. It was during this diffuclt period that I was being introduced to this English tarot reading master. I was hesitant about tarot reading and what tarot reading can do for me. I decided, there and then, that I had no choice.

There was no harm in trying tarot reading and see what the cards have to say. I was not a superstitious person; but I had an inquisitive and open mind; willing to explore new tools and new methods which could help me understand myself, the people around me and my world better. And thus, I went to see this tarot reading master. The first time I met him, I took a liking to him immediately. Inituitively, I knew I was in a room with a very compassionate and understanding being. I did not have to prompt him to tell me what I need and want to know; nor did I have to give him any 'clues' about myself or my background. He simply asked me to take a seat and began his reading without me having have to say a word. It lasted 30 mins.

Now, you may be curious to know. What had happened in that room? What happened afterwards? Did I get the answers I want to know? Did I receive the solutions I'm seeking for?

A year later after that first encounter with a great tarot master, I looked with amaze at how my life had unfolded after that initial encounter and reading. I had wanted to know if I were to embrace the change that was taking place would it be auspicious. The answer was positive. The people that were being mentioned in the reading indeed turned up in my life. I felt that I was prepared to embrace the changes that were taking place before me. Somehow, the answers that each and everyone of us are seeking for, is already out there, in the universe. We just need some sort of tools to extract those answers, so that we can see where we are going, so that we can make better decisions, and so that we can manage our lives better.

If you can, learn and study all you can about the amazing world of tarot cards and tarot reading. Seek out a tarot master residing near you and have a look for yourself what tarot reading can do for you. 

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