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10 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Living Room For Healthy and Harmony
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 06/26/2007 | Feng Shui Secrets |
10 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Living Room For Healthy and Harmony!

As any practitioner of Feng Shui can tell you, the single most important thing you can do to get the most out of your home is by paying attention to color. Color is the single biggest determining factor in attracting love and romance to your bedroom, education and peace to your children’s room and health and harmony to your living room.

But don’t think that by just throwing up some paint that you’ll be ready to go. Attention to detail is extremely important and the shade of each distinctive color you choose is very important.

Here are ten things you can do in your living room as pertains to color to achieve maximum health and harmony.

• One of the best colors you can choose for your living room if your goal is to achieve health and harmony is blue. As is the case with Feng Shui, the important thing is to pick a shade you absolutely love and a shade that will fill your heart with joy and happiness every time you enter the room. Blue is a color that is most often associated with meditation, peace and relaxation. Usually, a lighter, sky blue is recommended if you are attempting to achieve health and harmony, but a darker blue can sometimes be used if you really love it.

• Reds are more powerful colors and usually represent control, power and confrontation. Keep reds at an absolute minimum in your living room. Reds can be used as a trim color on crown moldings or as a trim on curtains or as maybe a knickknack color on your coffee table or side table. By using a little red around the edges of  your living room space, you are conveying the idea that while this room is for health, relaxation and harmony, it is still a space in which you control and rule over.

• Green is another color, like blue, that can be used in abundance in your living room area. Green stands for strength, health and long life. You would be better off choosing a lighter green than a darker, forest green, but it is more important to go with a shade of green you like. Green can also be used as the primary color in your living room, as well as a supplemental color, too.

• While purple is gaining in popularity as a primary home and room color, it should be avoided in your living room if you are trying to build a space for health and harmony. Purple is too closely related to red and has many of the same connotations. Purple can be used in very small amounts as a trim color or as the color of something near the ground. This denotes that you are keeping your powerful aspirations grounded and under control.

• Pinks should be kept in the bedrooms as they are a great love color. Pink is preferable to red, however, so if you are in love with this color, you can use it for assorted knickknacks and maybe even a shelf or entertainment center, but be sure there aren’t that many red or pink items inside because it would send too powerful a feeling into the rest of the room.

• White is a nice color that not only stands for health and purity but it also goes with just about any décor you choose. White can be used liberally with the greens and blues you’ve already chosen for your living area space. White carpet, while a pain to keep clean, is a great mood setter for your living room.

• Grey is not a color you would want to use in large amounts, but it is perfect for the space immediately leading into the other rooms in your home. Use a throw rug or a small, grey-colored figurine right on the border between the two rooms. This stands for transition and is a natural fit.

• Black is a color that should be banned from any space wanting to build positive, life-affirming chi. Try to avoid it even in small amounts. Any other color, even red, is more affirming than black in a space where you are trying to build health and harmony.

• Yellow is another color you will want to keep to an absolute minimum. Yellow, like red and purple, stand for authority and power, not the kind of vibe you’re looking to build in your living room.

• Finally, gold can be used in small amounts since wealth and harmony are so closely tied together. It is a great trim color or even as a middle-of-the-room focal point, as long as it is surrounded by greens and blues to even it out.

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