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How To Use Persuasion Power To Your Advantage!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 06/9/2007 | Luck And Destiny |
How To Use Persuasion Power To Your Advantage!

Persuasion is one of the most important forms of influence. Without persuasion, after all, we might not get very far in our relationships. Using it appropriately, though, is the key.

Taking A Lesson From Marketing Companies

The art of persuasion surrounds us. Were persuaded to buy one brand of laundry detergent over another. Were persuaded to choose one partner over another. Why, though, are we persuaded one way or the other?
Companies have spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure out the answer to that question, and when that much effort has been poured into one single answer, you can bet that there are lots of important lessons to be learned.

When trying to persuade somebody, arguing might be your first resort, but its certainly not your best answer. Using similar methods that companies use in order to persuade somebody to believe in something or purchase a particular product may be quite useful in your attempt to use persuasion.

First, you have to get that person's attention. In order to do this all you have to do is call them and start an interesting conversation with them. You can then casually bring up the topic at hand.

If it is something that will be beneficial to them try to point out why it would be in their best interests. You also need to reassure them that you have their interests in mind and not your own. Painting them a picture with words at this point can help out a great deal.

For example, perhaps your home needs new computers. You do not want to come off as overly selfish stating your needs to your partner, but you can tell suggest that with better equipment, you might become more productive in the home environment by accomplishing things faster. As a result, you may have more time for your partner, and if you run a business from home, you may even save money in the end for the two of you to spend together.

Using Psychology to Persuade

While you may think using psychology for persuasion is only a method to get a kid to do something, it can also be effective on adults as well. If somebody strongly disagrees with you, it is a good idea to use reverse psychology on that person.

Reverse psychology is a fairly common idea. Reverse psychology means turning around the argument to make the person change their minds.

The person will not be aware that they are agreeing, as it will let them decide for themselves and then finally agree to your way of thinking. Reverse psychology is a very tricky way of persuading an individual come to your side, but it is often effective. In essence, this makes the person do the opposite of what they were originally going against.

For example, your girlfriend wants to go to dinner, but you want to watch a baseball game. After a minor argument, she says its fine, and she will stay home and do the laundry. Imagine it now. She simply gives you that look, shrugs her shoulders, and walks away. The guilt builds in the pit of your stomach.

You shut off the television, grab a jacket and your girlfriend, and head out to dinner, never to see the baseball game. Pretty neat trick, huh?
Reverse psychology is used by both sexes in order for them to get what they really want.

Being Charming is Always Good

If you are trying to persuade somebody, you should never be overly aggressive or outright mean. You should make the person trust you and believe in what you are trying to tell them.

Provoking an argument and coming right out and telling them they are wrong is not the right way to go about trying to persuade someone. Instead, you should let them know about different scenarios or other ways of explaining your point of view. By doing this, the person can better understand the big picture.

Do not be aggressive. Be calm and gentle when talking to the person. Let the person know how it would benefit them by looking at things your way. If it is possible, let the person know that others agree with your way of thinking on the issue, as if more people agree the more likely that person will be persuaded to give in.

Be Consistent

Having good tactics of persuasion does not only involve explaining your idea, as you have to be consistent so that the other individual will eventually give in.

You should never take it to the point where they are being harassed. Gently bring up the issue every once in a while, and every time, put a different spin on it so they think they are hearing something new. If you are constantly using the same wording and examples, which have not worked before, the person may tune you out right form the start. Therefore you need to try different approaches to persuade them to agree with you.

For example, if you want to take off for a weekend with your buddies but without your partner, you can start the conversation by suggesting you want to go away for an entire week. Negotiate it down to a weekend, and all will be well.

You should know that persuasion has to, many times, do with compromise. You should try to make it so that the deal is good for both parties, as they will be more likely to agree to it.

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