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Meditation on the Tarot Card - The Emperor
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 06/9/2007 | Tarot Reading |
Meditation on the Tarot Card - The Emperor

Used by experienced fortune tellers, tarot cards are used primarily for fortune telling, but they’re not unique to our current society. As far back as 1500s individuals were using them in hopes of seeing the future. As early as the 1700s, texts were being published on how to use them to tell the fortunes of others. In our current society, many individuals understand that the cards can help them see things that are to come.

As popular as these cards are, though, the average person would state that they do not know what the meanings of Tarot cards are. Exactly why people's fate would be in a deck of cards is not known. It is, though, believed that sympathetic magic seems to play an integral role in this quandary. Many, though, want to understand sympathetic magic in order to understand the root of Tarot.

Sympathetic magic is based on the metaphysical belief that the lines, shapes, and patterns that lie in the palm of your hand have some kind of connection to the empirical world. Right in the palm of your hand is the past, present, and future.

You have probably heard that the longer a line is on your palm, the longer your life will be. This is referred to as your lifeline. While it might sound a bit strange to the uninitiated,  this is what tarot reading is about. At its base, it is the belief that your destiny is not yours, but is determined by magic, stars, and signs.

For the untrained, it is simple to make the wrong interpretation of what a certain Tarot card means. The every day person does not know how to read into the meanings of Tarot cards, let alone understand what their basic meaning is. Understanding each card on a deeper level, though, is essential to an understanding of Tarot.

The Emperor Card

The Emperor is a card in the major arcana. The cards in the major arcane are, in essence, the soul of the deck. Each of them represents the universality of being human, and the Emperor is no different.

Visually, the Emperor is pictured seated on the throne on the card.  He is holding his scepter, and all in all, he looks incredibly stern. There is good reason for that, though, as the Emperor is supposed to symbolize the world’s ultimate patriarch. He is the definition of the male ego, and consequently, he is also considered to be leader of all things.

Seeing the Emperor in a reading can mean many things such as: the creation of a family line or tree, setting a path and attitude, caring, protection, guiding development, comfort and relief, and offering explanations. As previously stated, the Emperor card strongly signifies a male figure that is in control.

The structure of the card emphasizes creating order out of disorder, categorizing, being efficient, giving shape and structure, being organized, applying reason, and sticking to a set plan. In addition to these aspects, the authority end of this card means such things as being a manager, exerting control, representing the institution or organization, being in a place of strength, getting in contact with officials, and setting direction.

Which Cards have a Similar Meaning to the Emperor Card

There are many cards that are much like the Emperor card as they compliment and reinforce it. Some of these cards include the:

• Hierophant card – This is a conforming card which stands for following the rules, taking a safe and conventional approach, staying within boundaries, adapting to the system, fitting in, going along with the set plan, doing what is anticipated of you, and being part of an organization.

• Justice card – This card has to with equality, acting on values that are ethical, being involved with legal issues, being truthful, seeking fair play, not being biased and trying to do the right thing.

• Two of Wands card – This card is about having power and authority in your life. Such examples are demanding attention and respect, being in the director’s chair, holding the world in the palm of your hand, being influential, calling the shots, and having the ability to achieve your personal goals.

• Three of Wands card – This card is seen to mean demonstrating leadership, such as showing the right path to others, taking the lead, rallying the group behind your beliefs, being dependable, setting an example, and being a spokesperson.

• Four of Pentacles card – This card symbolizes being in control and maintaining that control, wanting to be in charge, refusing weakness, wanting things your way, setting limits and rules and regulating order.

While you attempt to interpret the Emperor in your next reading, remember that personal experience is a major part of Tarot.

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