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The Magician – Opening Up the Possibilities in Us All
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 05/8/2007 | The Magician |
The Magician – Opening Up the Possibilities in Us All

The MagicianThe Fool is the main character of the Tarot, and generally represents the subject of the reading. In the Fool’s journey, the first person he encounters is the Magician – a cool, confident customer with powerful magic. The Magician transfixes the Fool, takes his bundle of possessions, and calls for answers from the air and the earth.

The Magician offers tools to the Fool, ways in which he can interpret and understand his world, and an understanding of the many different paths that he can now take. With the tools provided by the Fool – the sword, the pentacle, the cup and the chalice – the Fool can make any sort of life that he desires. But the tools were always in the Fool’s pack – so did the Magician give the tools to the Fool, or did the Fool always have them and just never saw the possibilities?

If the Magician falls in the reading is such a way that it appears to represent the subject of the reading, than the querant is clever, intelligent and charismatic. He may have an interest in one of the sciences. If the Magician represents another person, then he might be a doctor or an inventor, someone who gives intelligent advice and holds sway over others. His words are magic, and he’s seen as a wise person to be revered and trusted.

Most importantly, the Magician is the person who reveals the Fool’s own abilities and possibilities to himself, laying out the answers that the Fool/subject already had in his possession but failed to see

Whatever the position or representation, the Magician means that the time has come for new possibilities, paths and roads ahead. If the subject is determined and committed, he can accomplish whatever he chooses. The Magician represents the subject recognizing the magic within his or herself, and harnessing the persuasive energies necessary to achieve their goals. It could be a job promotion that they want, a love relationship or a business venture – whatever it is, it’s possible if the subject reaches inside themselves and uses their inner magic to make it happen

The ability to charm and persuade others is one hallmark of the Magician, and so the subject may have to use all their charisma and maybe even bluff to get others to so their bidding. Quick thinking and a quick tongue will be needed, and excellent communication skills will be a plus.

The Magician is a positive card, but not blindly so – it’s a card that carries wisdom borne from experience, and only represents the early stages of a new venture. The fact that there are great possibilities in no way guarantees success, but does indicate that if the subject can harness all of their confidence and charm, then it’s highly possible that they’ll see the outcome they desire.

If the subject has asked a question about love, the Magician can represent a special man, one who’s charismatic and intelligent. The man is most likely an iconoclast, and marches to the beat of his own drummer. If surrounded by positive cards, this man is most likely fun to be with, a little offbeat and charming. If surrounded by negative cards, he could be some sort of a liar or con artist. He could be a possible business partner or colleague, and not to be trusted no matter how charming he may be.

In our busy daily lives we’re faced with numerous choices and need to take action. We each have a sword in our pack with which to do battle – our intelligence, our ability to make choices. We have a cup, brimming with compassion, and inside us all we have m
agician who can help us use our tools to make choices, often surprising ourselves. How did we manage to make that business decision, or write that story, or choose that partner?

It’s our inner Magician, who’s always intelligent and compassionate, giving us confidence without cockiness.

When the Magician appears in a reading in a reversed position, though, it means something very different. The reversed card shows the subject unable to make a spontaneous choice and choosing poorly, resulting in feelings of failure. It shows that the subject doesn’t know what to do next, and is unable to choose which path to take in love, or life, or their career.  he Magician, at its essence, represents the subject’s ability to make choices and open themselves to the possibilities before them. Each of us has an inner Magician, showing us the tools we already have at our disposal, if only we will recognize them!

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