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A Guided Yin and Yang Meditation for Yin/Yang Balance
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 04/21/2007 | Meditation And Spirituality |
A Guided Yin and Yang Meditation for Yin/Yang Balance

Yin YangThe well-known concept of yin and yang originated in Chinese metaphysics, and represents two opposing but complimentary forces, something that’s found throughout all of nature.

Yin is often symbolized as water or earth, and is considered the receptive, feminine force.

Yang is symbolized by fire or wind, and is the creative, masculine opposite of Yin. While opposites, they are not absolutes – nothing can exist without each, and neither is superior to the other, and you must find the right balance of yin and yang in your own life

There are many methods of guided meditations that can help you to find this balance. Through regular guided meditation, you can find that state of serene oneness that’s the result of a good balance between yin and yang.  The following meditation can be recorded by you or a friend, and you can listen to it as a tool to help your meditation.


Take a breath and relax, becoming as comfortable as possible. Your clothes should be loose and comfortable, and all your muscles loose.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes.

Listen to the sounds as they come to you – traffic, birds, voices out on the street. Don’t focus on them, just let them be part of the world.

Listen to the sounds within your body. Your breathing, in and out, the beating of your heart.

Listen to all of those sounds, and turn them into a picture inside your mind. Visualize them as one joined sound, like the sound of the ocean. Imagine yourself floating in this ocean of being, and as you breathe, allow yourself to sink further into it with each breath.

Take a breath, and hold it. Slowly exhale, and allow yourself to travel deeper into your own being, deeper than your identity, deeper than your connections to the material world. Take a moment and feel centered and complete.

Realize that you have everything you need. Health, serenity, and love. In fact, you have enough love for yourself, your friends and your family. Send your love out to them now, knowing that they’ll feel it as you emanate love into the universe.

Examine all the good things that you have and choose one to hold on to. Take what you need most – peace of mind, unconditional love, physical health, or more patience and understanding. Don’t be worried about choosing the wrong thing, because you can come back here any time and get anything else you desire. You may have whatever your hart is willing to receive.

Breathe in deeply, and take that good from the pure energy within you. It is now part of you, linked to who you are in the very depth of your soul. Even after you leave, you will stay connected to this place. Visualize a golden thread that comes from your very center, and which will keep you tied to this always. The golden thread is what brought you here, and it will guide you back whenever you want.

Breathe deeply again, and as you slowly exhale, allow yourself to rise back to the physical world. Go slowly. Take a moment to regain awareness of your body, your arms, your shoulders, your legs and feet. Listen to the sounds of your breathing, and then the sounds outside of your body. Come back to the world.

When you’re ready, open your eyes.


You can adapt this meditation any way you like, or write one of your own. Remember that the happy, balanced, serene place you visited remains within you, and you may return there whenever you like.

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