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Lucky Rituals – Fun Things You Can Do to Attract Wealth, Love and Money!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 04/15/2007 | Feng Shui Secrets |
Lucky Rituals – Fun Things You Can Do to Attract Wealth, Love and Money!

Fengshui Lucky ObjectsOne reason for introducing the principles of Feng Shui  into the home is to bring luck to all who live there, so knowing how to get that luck is an important part of the process. It’s also a lot of fun, and can make for some interesting décor that’s sure to become conversation pieces when friends and family visit.

Many animals are considered lucky in Chinese culture, so consider them helpers around the house, bringing luck and financial success. Once you know where the major guas – areas related to money, love, career and such – are located in your home, you can add lucky animals to bring success and wealth.

Dragons bring good fortune and power to any gua, unless you were born under the sign of the Dog, which is the Dragon’s opposite. Also bringing power and luck are Fu Dogs, which usually come in pairs – these should go on either side of a doorway, so they offer protection, too.

The whimsical Three-Legged Toad brings wealth – they’re usually shown sitting next to stacks of gold coins – so place one in a Wealth gua to bring money. If you’re hoping to bring more happiness into your home, decorate with Bats. Two bats bring double happiness, so double up!

Cranes attract wisdom and long life, while Fish are extra lucky – they attract money and all sorts of success, and represent perseverance (after all, they swim upstream!) while the magical

For the best luck and prosperity, decorate with an elephant, especially one with its trunk raised. The elephant represents intelligence, strength and kindness – for extra luck, get a statue that’s holding an ear of corn, which represents abundance.

One fine ritual for attracting luck to the home is to use a Dilbu bell to call Buddha and the other deities. The bell is balanced to harmonically create certain tones that call the outer world, usually done by rubbing it with a wooden stick. A Dorje – a representation of a lightning bolt – should be held in the right hand, symbolizing the masculine yang power, while the bell is held in the left hand, to represent the feminine power of profound wisdom. When both are used in a ceremony along with ritual prayer, they form a force of purity.

Many Chinese people swear by special “wish boxes” made of porcelain, clay or some other earth-based material. Place a wish, written on a piece of paper, inside the box, which has a mirror on the inside of the lid. Make a prayer or do a ritual to amplify the power of your wish, and then seal the box. Many wish boxes have Lucky Cats painted on the lid, shown with their paws raised to accept the good luck.

Another special luck ritual is done with three Chinese coins, the type with holes in the center. The coins are tied together with a red ribbon – red is a very lucky color – then placed in a red envelope and carried with you in your pocket or handbag. If you’re hoping for luck in business, tape the envelope under your desk or computer, or attach it to your cash register. This ritual brings money luck, and you should see results in no time!

The New Year is a time of transition, and many people find that it’s a good time to use a luck ritual for the year ahead. Almost every culture has luck rituals for the New Year, in fact, including the Chinese.

Feng shui rituals
include cleaning the home thoroughly to remove all dust and debris from the old year, getting them out of the home and starting fresh – that means all the dust bunnies in corners and bits of debris under the couch. Old debts should be paid off whenever possible, to start the new year with a clean slate.

It’s also a great time to bring new objects into the home – appliances, linens, furniture, curtains and even clothes. You should do everything in your power to start the new year with a home that’s free of old energy. But on New Year’s Day, don’t sweep your new luck away – in many homes, brooms are hidden on the first day of the year, and no one should be allowed to sweep the floor!

Some other new year’s luck rituals are to bring mandarin oranges to friends and family when you visit (and you should receive oranges from them in return), a New Year’s Eve reunion dinner so that the entire family can see out the old year together and, on Chinese New Year, the famous “dancing lions” ritual to bless homes and businesses – you’ll see a dancing lion in every Chinese New Year parade.

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