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The Little Known Secret About Wealth Vases and How To Make Them!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 04/8/2007 | Feng Shui Secrets |
The Little Known Secret About Wealth Vases and How To Make Them!

Wealth VaseOne of the more interesting accessories for a feng shui enthusiast to include in their home is the ďwealth vase,Ē a vase filled with personal items that are precious to the owner, which is said to attract luck.

To make your own luck vase, find a beautiful and, preferably, valuable vase to hold your precious items. The vase can be made of earth elements or metal, although earth vases are more effective. Earth vases can be made from porcelain, crystal or clay, while metal element vases can be made of copper, brass, silver, or gold. If youíre designing your vase to serve as an interesting decorative item, crystal will allow you to see the items inside the vase, but any of the above materials will do Ė if you canít afford a solid gold vase (and most of us canít) then gold or silver plate is fine.

The best shape for a wealth vase is one with a wide opening that narrows to a more slender neck and then widens to a squat, sturdy body. This way, wealth energy can flow easily into the vase and then settle in the broader bottom of the vase, where it will remain and gather more wealth for years to come. The vase can be any size that you like. It must have a cover of some sort, preferably a matching lid of the same material.

To assemble your wealth vase, begin with the right attitude. Know that youíre assembling your vase to bring prosperity to your family for many years to come. This isnít a get-rich-quick spell, itís a wish for your entire family to accumulate wealth for a long time, and a desire for no member of your family to ever be poor.

The most essential ingredients should go into your vase first Ė soil, food and then the symbols of prosperity. The soil should be placed in the bottom first, and if possible, it should be the soil from the garden of a wealthy person. This is especially lucky if itís a gift. You want the good chi of a wealthy home in the bottom of the vase.

Next, add three, six or nine Chinese coins tied with red string. Then fill half of the vase with seven types of semi-precious stones, like amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, topaz, tiger's eye, malachite, coral, lapis lazuli, sodalite, cornelian, jade, pearl, jasper, aquamarine, crystal, rose quartz, or turquoise.

The essential items for your wealth vase are:

        A figure if a Wealth God (can be any Wealth God you feel an affinity with)

        Five Gem Globes to signify wealth from all directions

        Assorted crystal chips to signify wealth from the earth

        Gold bars - contemporary symbols of wealth

        Gold ingot - ancient symbols of wealth

        Faux diamonds to signify the most precious treasures

        Wish-fulfilling jewels to make all your aspirations manifest

        3 brass coins tied with red/gold string for current wealth

        9 emperor coins for wealth under all circumstances

        Semi-precious stones for accumulation of assets

        A lock coin to safeguard your wealth

        ching coins to pacify all obstacles

        Six smooth crystal balls for harmony in the family

        5 types of food to signify abundance

        A Ru Yi to signify power & management of the household

Whatever you use to fill your vase, it should filled completely to the top. If thereís still a gap at the top, fill it the rest if the way with semi-precious stones.

If you've used an earth element vase, place it in the southwest or northeast corner of your home. If you used a metal vase, place it in the west or northwest corner. When your vase is finished you must close it, cover it with five colored cotton cloth (to signify the five elements) and tie it tight with five strings of five colors. It should be kept somewhere away from where others can see it, and never facing the front door, as this will drain the wealth luck from the vase.

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