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True Love: Feng Shui Tips to Bring You the Right Mate!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 03/19/2007 | Feng Shui Secrets |
True Love: Feng Shui Tips to Bring You the Right Mate!

Fenghui ElementsFeng shui experts say that all energy takes one of five forms – fire, metal, earth, water or wood.

Our personalities can be categorized by these five elements, as well. Fire personalities are impulsive and passionate. Earth types are sensual and grounded. Metal personalities are classy and tasteful, while waters are emotionally sensitive, and wood people are open-minded and ready for anything. If you can identify which type your potential lover is, you can use feng shui  to attract them.

If you’re attracted to a Fire personality, introduce fiery elements to your home – especially the bedroom. Use the color red, especially red candles, to light a fire under that special someone. Warm, spicy room scents appeal to Fire personalities, so get a scent diffuser or light some incense. Spark up your furnishings with a classic red Chinese carpet or some bright throw pillows. To make a lackluster lover regain interest, make sure your bed doesn’t have a canopy and invest on sheets, pillowcases and a comforter with a red hue.

If your ideal love is a loyal, down-to-earth type, decorate your home with earth tones like warm browns and beiges, deep smoky orange and creamy tan shades. Scent the room with peppermint oil, which promotes stability, and make sure the furnishings in your bedroom are balanced – your nightstands and lamps should match, and if your bed has a headboard it should have a footboard, too. When adding items like vases, baskets and other decorative items, make sure they’re weighted well, to promote permanence and stability.

If an elegant, mannered Metal person is your dream lover, select sleek, unusual furnishings. A mirrored tray with six white candles will attract someone who’s thoughtful and classy, so make sure you light the candles and allow them to burn each night. Allow lots of light into your bedroom with sheer, flowing window treatments. If your love life with your current Metal partner needs a boost, get a metal headboard for your bed and white sheets with a smooth finish and high thread count.

The sensitive, artistic Water type will respond best to low, sexy lighting and a bed piled high with soft fabrics and lush pillows. Water people are easily distracted, so don’t have a television in your bedroom, and use a stereo to play soft music to drown out noise from outside. Cool blues and greens will appeal to this lover, and your sheets should have a soft repeated pattern, echoing softly rolling waves.

If a highly intelligent Wood personality is your cup of tea, fill your bedroom with furnishings that reflect the forest. Live houseplants, furniture with thin legs made, naturally, from wood and fabrics with vertical stripes appeal to these people. In fact, the more vertical elements in the room, the better – lamps should be tall, and shine light upward, while window treatments should hang long and straight with few horizontal lines. A wooden bed frame and soft green-striped sheets will light up the libido of a brainy Wood type.

If you aren’t certain of exactly what sort of lover you hope to attract, you can still use feng shui to your advantage. Your bedroom furniture should in twos, to make it clear that you intend for there to be two occupants. Your bedside tables should match, as should your lamps. Place two candles on your dresser and light them every night, and add artwork that shows a couple embracing.

Color is a big factor, too. Pink is color of partnership, and you should add it to your bedroom. That doesn’t mean you have to paint the walls Barbie doll pink – you can paint your walls white, with the barest hint of blush, or even paint your bedroom blue, but just add a few symbolic drops of pink to the can before you paint.

Before you paint your room the new color, use a smaller brush to write positive affirmations  on the walls, like “I have found my true love and am happy” then paint over the words – you won’t see them, but they’ve become an integral part of the room.

Ecery aspect of your bedroom should reflect your potential relationship. Splurge on high thread-count sheets, which show that you value your love life.

Decorate your bedroom to make it welcoming to a new partner – if you’re a woman, ease up on the frills, lace and stuffed teddy bears.

If you’re a man, make your bedroom softer and more welcoming. And whatever you do, don’t allow your bedroom to become unnecessarily cluttered. If things aren’t useful or pleasing to the eye, get rid of them. Remove items that remind you of old relationships, so that you can make room for a new one. Your bedroom should be ready for your love life to be all that you want it to be, so decorate it accordingly.

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