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Updating Your Feng Shui for the New Year In 2007!
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 03/8/2007 | Feng Shui Secrets |
Updating Your Feng Shui for the New Year In 2007!


Now that the new year is upon us, I’m sure you want to update your furnishings and move forward with a fresh new look. Chances are your bedroom is a little musty, you’re tired of your sheets and comforter, and maybe want to move your furniture around a bit. If you’re unhappy with the feeling of your bedroom, your feng shui may need an update.

As you already know, Feng shui is the ancient Asian design philosophy which helps to promote the flow of positive energy – or “chi” – flow through your home. According to feng shui experts, if the energy in your home becomes blocked it can affect your health, your finances and everything else in your life in a negative way.


When I first started looking into feng shui, I was surprised at how much of it was simply good common sense. Like the suggestion that you cut down on clutter, for example. If your room is a mess, then it’s blocking the flow of chi – and it’s not doing much for your state of mind, either. So organize your bedroom, straighten up, and throw away anything you don’t need.

You should also choose colors that are relaxing and peaceful. Pastels are good, especially pinks and blues, as are warm, rich colors like dark red and purple. And hide away objects that give off and attract energy – televisions, stereos, exercise equipment. If there’s nowhere to put them, try placing a decorative screen in front of them while you sleep.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

All of the usual additions that you think would be relaxing apply in feng shui, too. Low lighting, candles and other mood enhancers are excellent ideas – but not water fountains. Flowing water is associated with money, and should be placed in other rooms, not your bedroom.


Chi energy should be able to flow freely through your bedroom, so make sure that your bedroom door opens all the way. If it sticks or won’t swing freely, fix it. The door to your retreat needs to open freely to welcome health and opportunity flow into your life. When you enter the room, make sure that the first thing you see is something beautiful that brings you pleasure. This is an important element in turning your bedroom into a special sanctuary, and one that should not be overlooked.

Because of the way that energy flows through your home, you should never sleep near a window if you can help it, and never sleep under a ceiling beam or fan, which will drive energy down onto your during the night and cause pressure. A headboard will “ground” your energy and support it during the night, and you shouldn’t place your bed next to the wall, either – the chi needs free access around both sides of your bed.

Perhaps the single most important aspect of feng shui in the bedroom – and I can’t stress this enough – is to place your bed in such a way that you can see the door. This provides a sense of security and a measure of protection, as you can see intruders if they enter your sanctuary. If you can’t see the door from the bed, hang a mirror in place that reflects in such a way that you can see the door from the bed.  Many feng shui experts also suggest that you never sleep with your feet towards the door.


If you’re looking for a romantic partner or just want to spice things up with your current love interest, you can use feng shui to make your bedroom more romantically appealing. Sensual, romantic or erotic artwork can create a sexy mood – make sure it can be easily seen from the bed. Low lighting, candles and incense are also good feng shui additions to your bedroom for a sensual boost.

In addition, pair up the items in your room. Your bedside tables should match, and items like candles and knick-knacks should be grouped in twos. Remove any art objects that depict a person alone, too. The corners of your furniture should be rounded, if possible, to facilitate the flow of chi.

A few simple adjustments and some candles may be all you need to give your bedroom a much-needed feng shui refresher to begin the new year. With your sensual, clutter-free and chi-filled room, this year will be the best you’ve ever had!

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