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How To Use The Pi Yao For Personal Protection
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 03/5/2007 | Feng Shui Secrets |
How To Use The Pi Yao For Personal Protection

Feng ShuiIn this article, you can learn some very useful tips on how ancient Chinese symbol can protect your personal feng shui!

While applying the principles of feng shui can bring harmony and health to the home, there are other things that can boost your home’s feng shui. You’ve undoubtedly seen the accessories – a golden Money Cat, for example, or a carp, the symbol of wealth in Chinese culture.

Personally, I can’t imagine living in a home without a Pi Yao for personal protection. Not as well known as similarly powerful Dragons of Fu dogs, Pi Yao is a mythical creature said to be the Dragon’s ninth offspring. It looks like a winged lion, but it has the head of a dragon, and usually sports horns or antlers. A fierce warrior, the Pi Yao violated a law of Heaven and was punished in an unusual way – the Pi Yao could eat nothing but gold and silver, and was unable to defecate. Because of this, the Pi Yau is said to have a voracious appetite, drawing wealth from all directions. It also guards against attack from evil spirits.


The creature is represented in everything from statues to personal objects, although fine jewelry featuring Pi Yao are very rare. It’s a very powerful animal, considered almost as powerful as the Dragon in terms of protection. It’s easy to confuse the Pi Yao with the more commonly seen Fu Dogs or Chi Lin, and since they’re all symbolic animals, artists like to put their own spin on their physical appearances.

Generally, Fu Dogs and Lions are usually seen in pairs, guarding the entrances to temples. Pi Yao are sometimes used in a similar fashion, but is also seen alone. Interestingly, the city of Shanghai adopted the Pi Yao as its guardian animal, and many attribute the prosperity of the city to the Pi Yao.

During the early Chinese dynasties, wealthy tycoons and businessmen commissioned Pi Yao to be made in their honor, for use as personal protection to safeguard the health and welfare of their owners. These Pi Yao are said to contain the accumulated power of their owners – but many feng shui experts prefer new Pi Yao that have never been used before, saying that you never know what kind of negative powers may have become attached to the Pi Yao because of the owners’ misdeeds. 

When displayed as a pair, the Pi Yao are known as Tian Lu (Heavenly Protector) and Pi Xi (Evil Dispeller). During the Han dynasty, images of the two animals were placed in front of tombs to symbolize the departed’s power and authority. Representing bravery and protection from evil, they were also reputed to carry the departed to heaven on their wings.

Today, feng shui experts use Yi Pao to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter, whose direction changes every year. Feng shui practitioners believe that directly facing the Grand Duke is to incur his wrath, and even if you accidentally unknowingly happen to sit or sleep facing his direction, you’ll suffer terrible consequences – usually bad luck at your job, loss of money, or other personal misfortune. Fortunately, the Pi Yao can appease the Grand Duke Jupiter if it’s present in your home or in the office. Since the Grand Duke’s direction changes every year, I think it’s smart to keep a Pi Yao around just in case – because you never know!


The Pi Yao is also known as the “Lottery God,” and supposedly brings good luck. If you buy a lottery ticket, roll it up and place it in the Pi Yao’s mouth, you’re supposed to have a better chance of winning. Or you can  place the ticket under your Pi Yao near your television. Why near the television? I have no idea! It’s just what you’re supposed to do.

When you move into a new home, you should display a Pi Yao in the West, to fend off the nasty Duke Jupiter. It’s supposed to bring you greatness and provide you with the ability to possess anything that you set their heart on. From a personal standpoint, I can’t say that I’ve gotten everything I’ve wanted – but why tempt fate (or Duke Jupiter, as the case may be) by being without a Pi Yao? The mythical beast will serve as a valuable addition to your feng shui, and offer protection from illness and other bad happenings. At the very least, you’ll have a fascinating conversation piece for when visitors come to your new home!

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