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How To Interpret the Aces In Tarot Reading
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/8/2007 | Tarot Reading |
How To Interpret the Aces In Tarot Reading

TarotAces are powerful tarot cards that deserve a little extra time to read and interpret

While each card in the tarot has meaning, there are most certainly some cards that carry more weight than others.  The major arcana cards obviously bring a lot of strength with them to any reading they show up in.

The ace cards also bring a special strength to a reading and will often signify an important step that is about to take place or is already coming into fruition.

The Four Aces

The Ace of Cups signifies feeling.  Although other cards may indicate feeling, the Ace means a pure and strong force of feeling.

The Ace of Swords indicates a pure and strong form of thought and the Ace of Wands means pure, strong energy.  The Ace of Pentacles indicates the pure and strong form of earthly matter.

What it means

Anytime an ace appears in a tarot reading it is a very meaningful sign.  It should be taken very seriously and you should put a lot of thought into how it relates to the question at hand and the other cards that accompany it.

An Ace of Pentacles generally means earthly matter.  This can mean worldly possessions and things.  It could also reach to mean the physical body however.  In a reading where the question is one that involves a health matter, it might make the most sense for the Ace of Pentacles to take on the meaning of the body and the strength of the card may indicate a strong body.  Of course this must be interpreted in conjunction with the other cards and their placements but this is an example of how the ace can be read.

The Ace of Cups in a reading will generally mean strong feelings.  This can indicate strong feelings about people or situations and other cards will certainly help illuminate what area this refers to.  The placement of this ace will tell more about the direction of those strong feelings as well.

The Ace of Swords will mean some kind of powerful thought.  This may represent an idea.  It could also indicate something like strong focus in an individual.  Its placement along with surrounding cards will certainly shed more light on exactly where that powerful thought should be aimed.

If an Ace of Wands is presented in a spread, it would bring the power and strength of energy into the reading.  This could mean many things.  If a person’s question for the tarot involved a new endeavour, they may be overjoyed to find this card in their spread because they may feel that surely indicates success.  However, this card does not represent such a thing on its own.

It is more likely to mean that this person is focusing all their energy on this endeavour.  It may mean that they should focus more energy and strength into their project in order to be successful.   And, as always the other cards in the spread must be worked into the meaning.  Any major arcana cards that appear along with this ace would undoubtedly alter the meaning again.

Get Moving

Often aces are an indication that something is in the works.  Something may be changing or getting started. 

If there are negative indications along with the ace this can still mean a change.  The reader must be careful to check all the interconnections and how they fit with the question being asked.  Perhaps a change that is long overdue is indicated by an ace and the negativity that is surrounding it shows that this is perhaps a change that this person is delaying or ignoring. 

Who’s the Boss?

Especially when an ace appears along with one or more major arcana cards, the meaning must be considered very carefully.  The ace is always a powerful card but when major arcana cards bring a powerful force to the reading as well, this may be an indication of a battle of power or structure and the question that was asked may well be answered by this. 

It may not, however.  The appearance of several strong cards could also mean that many powerful forces are all at work in a unified effort.  The positions of all these cards must be taken into consideration so that the power of the ace can be placed properly.

Aces often mean a beginning of some sort and other cards may be more indicative of the kind of change that is starting while the ace may indicate the strength of this change.

Generally aces are a good card in a spread.  They indicate something powerful and this almost always means that now is a pivotal time in the life of the person posing the question.

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