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A Step By Step Procedure To Do A Tarot Reading
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/8/2007 | Tarot Reading |
A Step By Step Procedure To Do A Tarot Reading

TarotA Basic Tarot Reading is a Great Place to Start

Tarot card readings can provide valuable insight into our personal lives, our careers and our relationships.  They can help us make good decisions and keep us focused on what we need to work on to achieve our goals.  A tarot reading lets us use the tools of tarot to connect with our subconscious and spiritual selves that can answer many of the questions our conscious minds want to know about ourselves.

There are many different ways to do a tarot reading but for the purpose of helping you through a basic one, I will use the Celtic cross spread.  This is one of the most well known spreads and is good for general purposes.

Getting Started

The very first thing to do is to sit down and relax.  You will want to clear your mind and get settled.  Focus inward toward your spiritual center and take a few cleansing breaths.


Take the cards in your hand and sit quietly while you contemplate your query.  Shuffle the cards and stop when you feel it is the right time.

The Spread

The Celtic cross spread uses ten cards.  Take the top card off the deck and place it on the table.  The second card is placed crosswise across the first card.  Card number three is placed below the first two.  The fourth card goes to the left of the center two and the fifth goes above them.  The sixth card goes to the right of the center two.

Card numbers seven through ten go in a column to the right of the previous configuration with number seven being placed at the bottom of the column and eight, nine and ten above it.

Reading the Cards

In this type of spread the first card represents the issue you are asking about.  The second card tells you what obstacles you face in the issue.  Card number three represents how you feel about the issue and number four indicates how the past affects this issue.

Card number five represents how you feel.  When you read card five you will want to relate it back to card number three as well and see what the connection is there.

Card number six represents the future and card number seven represents you and the role you are playing in the circumstances.  Card number eight indicates the atmosphere surrounding the situation and card number nine represents hope for the best outcome.  Card number ten represents the ending of the situation or how it will end up.

Write it Out

One of the best ways to go through each card and what position it is in is to draw yourself a diagram of the spread you have and label each card. 

Then, you can take your time and sort through everything appropriately later if you donít have time to get through it all right now.  You will also be able to make notes and you can keep this reading for later review.  Make sure you date it so you can track what happened and when.

Get Help

You may want to keep a good tarot reading book handy while you go through your spread.  You will want to look up the meaning of each individual card and then try to see connections as well.

Start with card number one and work your way through to the end.  You may find that although you think you understand what one card means in the position you have it, you may discover multiple layers of meaning as you add each new card to the reading.  This is exactly what should happen.  Tarot readings are rarely straight forward and the interpretation on a spiritual level is usually a part of the reading.

If you need more help interpreting, donít be afraid to check some of the tarot sites online for some good information on alternate meanings and good background information on all card meanings.

Itís All About the Question

As you read each card and look up its meaning, keep in mind the question that was asked as the cards were shuffled.  All the cards need to somehow relate to that query.  So, look at the card and how it relates to the position in which it was placed and then how that relates to the question.

Basically you should remember that a tarot reading is meant to answer a question.  It is easy to get carried away with possible symbolic meanings in the cards but if you always keep in mind that it all relates to the question you will find it much easier to determine each cards meaning.

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