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How Should You or Your Client Ask Questions In A Tarot Reading?
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/4/2007 | Tarot Reading |
How Should You or Your Client Ask Questions In A Tarot Reading?

TarotFocus on the Question at Hand in Each Case of Tarot Card Reading

In any tarot card reading the main objective is to find an answer to a query.  Your clients have sought your help in finding some understanding of their situation through the tarot and you have the responsibility of making sure that they get the most out of their reading.

Discuss the Question

You should speak with your client to begin with about what it is they want to know. Let them give you some background information on their situation so that you can help them form their query in a format that will provide the best results.

Many people already know what it is they want to find out but they may not know how to phrase it for the purpose of a tarot reading.  Questions such as “who will marry me” are not good types of questions in tarot because the tarot cannot answer these kinds of specifics.  You should encourage your clients to form questions that are broader and within the scope of what the tarot can provide.  Perhaps your client would be better asking a question like “how can I attract love?”  This is a question that the tarot can actually answer by way of showing where the focus is on the issue and the challenges that your client may face in their endeavour.

Discussing the circumstances of their lives will also help your client solidify their thoughts on what it is they most want to know from the reading.  Encourage openness so that they feel comfortable enough to tell you what it is they want.  Many people will find this part of the visit a little disconcerting so you must be willing to show some empathy for their situation.  It is in your best interest to take the time to help these people decide on their question.  If they are not comfortable enough with you to express themselves they may keep their actual question unsaid and in their heart.  This can confuse the reading because you are focusing on their verbal question while the cards may be answering their real unspoken question.

How to Ask

I recommend that each person be allowed some time with the cards before the reading.  This provides a connection between them and the cards.  Once you have helped them decide what their question will be you should let them have a moment or two to contemplate it and focus inwardly.  I suggest that your clients be holding the deck of tarot cards while they do this.

Let you clients shuffle the cards unless your own methodology precludes this.  I believe that the client shuffling and handling the cards is important to the accuracy of the reading.

More Questions

Beyond the query involved in the tarot reading, there will be many other questions.  Especially for clients who are unfamiliar with tarot there may be many times they will want to stop you to ask for details.

Depending on your personal style, you may prefer to go through an entire reading first and then repeat it a second time in which you allow the client to ask questions.  This method can work for some readers because it lets the clients know that you want to make all the connections between the cards before you get too involved in the deciphering of any one card.  You can certainly explain this before you get started and most people will be happy with this method.

Another way to address questions is as you go along.  Once again, your personal reading style will help you decide if this works for you.

Questions from the client about the overall methods of the tarot and how the reading works should be addressed before anything else.  You may want to ask your clients how much they already know about the tarot before you proceed with the reading.  This is a good time to explain a little about yourself and how you came to be a tarot reader.  Make your clients aware that this is not a lesson in tarot however.  They should not be encouraged to discuss every aspect of the tarot during the time of a reading.  For clients who want to know more you can recommend a book or a tarot class for them where they will be able to gain the insight they desire.


Make sure you do stay focused on the query at hand throughout the reading and keep relating the significance of what you find to the actual question.  The client may easily be sidetracked and your focus will be necessary to complete the reading properly.

Questions are never a bad thing.  Focusing on the question at hand is the best rule in every tarot reading however.

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