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Tarot Reading - What Are The Tarot Shuffling Methods Available
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/4/2007 | Tarot Reading |
Tarot Reading - What Are The Tarot Shuffling Methods Available

TarotCard Shuffling is an Important Part of the Tarot Reading and should not be rushed

Every tarot card reading starts with some type of card shuffle to rearrange the cards that will be used.  There are several different ways that the cards can be shuffled and a few things that should be kept in mind when doing so.

Part of the purpose of the card shuffling is to give you a chance to handle the cards and focus on your question.  Most tarot readers consider it important that the cards be held and touched by the person who requests a reading.  I believe that this is true because there must be connection between the person and the cards used.  I always recommend that each person who seeks a reading handle the cards, shuffle the cards and select their cards to be read.

Shuffling Options

The first way that tarot cards are shuffled is the same way that a deck of playing cards is shuffled.  This mixes the cards up sufficiently while also letting each person touch the cards and connect with them for the purpose of a reading. 
Another way to shuffle tarot cards is to hold the deck loosely in one hand and to take about half the deck in the other hand and intermingle the one half into the other half.   This method may not provide as much time for contact with the cards by the user.

A very basic way to shuffle the cards is to simply lay the deck face down on a table and spread and mix the cards up on the table and then gather them back up into one stack.  This method provides the most contact between the person having the reading and the cards

Reverse Shuffling

For those people who incorporate the use of reverse cards into their readings, there are special considerations in shuffling.  A reverse card is simply a card that is upside down when placed into position for reading.  Many tarot readers do not place any significance in which direction the card is turned and for these readers any method of shuffling is acceptable.

Other readers find meaning in cards that appear upside down (reversed) in a reading.  Some readers in fact, encourage reverse cards for their reading purposes.  These readers usually use a form of tarot that involves an element of degree in strength of cards by which way they are facing.  Other readers use methods that indicate positive or negative energies at work in the cards and this energy is determined by the direction of the card.  In these cases, the method of shuffling that is used should be more seriously considered.

Readers who do not want to encourage reverse cards or readers who do want to encourage it will need to make sure that the cards are handled properly by the person whose reading they are doing. 

It is very important for readers that do use reverse cards to make sure that the deck is returned to proper order after each reading so that the next user can invert their own cards at the time they shuffle them.

Personal Style

Many tarot readers, especially those who are very experienced may have their own particular shuffling method that is unique to them.  The type of shuffling may be a part of their own ritual and for them it is important to continue to use the same method every time.  Rituals are often subtle messages to our subconscious mind that help us connect to the spiritual levels within that help aid in a proper reading from the tarot.  I believe that personal rituals can be just as important as widely accepted ones, especially in the world of personal spirituality.  Therefore, if you see a reader who has their own particular methodology, you should respect that and not insist on having a reading done in a way other than their usual.

Included in the Shuffle

It is important to remember that the shuffle must be long enough for the user to properly connect with the cards.  If you are having a reading done, do not be hurried in this process.  Take time to hold the cards before you shuffle.  Close your eyes and focus inwardly.  You need to calm your mind and try to be centered.  When you feel that you are calm and focused you can begin to shuffle the cards.  You should shuffle the cards as long as you are comfortable and you should stop shuffling when you feel that you are done.

Shuffling is a very important part of the tarot reading.  It should not be rushed and it should be calm and focused.

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