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Is Tarot Reading Accurate and Dependable
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/1/2007 | Tarot Reading |
Is Tarot Reading Accurate and Dependable

TarotLearning what makes for successful tarot experience is the first step to ensuring you get the most from it

Millions of people seek tarot readings to help them in their daily lives.  They ask about how to deal with their relationships and how to find success in their endeavours.   Throughout history people have turned to divination methods and communication with spiritual energies to help them and because tarot reading has been used for centuries now, it is often a trusted modern tool as well.

There are several aspects of tarot card reading that make up its effectiveness.  If all the conditions are met properly, the outcome of a tarot reading can be extremely good.

My deck or yours?

The first important component you will want to consider about this is who will read your tarot cards.  Will you do your own reading or will you go to a tarot reader?  Both of these methods can be effective.

If you are attempting your own tarot reading you will want to do some research before you get started, and there are a lot of things you will need to decide.  The first decision will be what kind of deck to use, so you will have to read up on it and determine if there is one that suits you best.  If you are drawn to a certain type of deck that may be the first indication that it is the one you should use.

After you decide which deck you are reading from, you will need to learn about the types of readings and how often you should consult the tarot.  Especially if you are just learning all of this, you may consult the tarot too often and get confused by all the seemingly unconnected advice it gives.

When you see an experienced tarot reader you may get more from your reading.   Seek someone with knowledge and a good reputation.  I suggest that you ask friends and relatives to recommend a good tarot reader if you know they have sought this kind of advice in the past.  If you would prefer to keep this to yourself, I suggest you visit the readers you are interested in and ask them a few questions about readings in order to get a good idea if they are someone you feel can help you.

The Question

Okay, so now you have found the reader (or gotten yourself in a position to read your own).  The next step is forming a question to be asked.  You should put a lot of consideration into this matter.  You will want to ask something that will give you insight.  Do not ask questions that the tarot cannot answer such as “who will I marry” or “how long will I live”.  The tarot is not meant for such questions.  It is meant to provide guidance about relationships and endeavours, so ask how best to accomplish what you want rather than IF you will accomplish it.

The Mood

The next component of a successful reading is your mind set.  On the day of your reading, do some meditation or relaxation exercises to clear your head and put you into a calm state.  You should not be agitated and out of sorts when you have your reading done.

When you handling the cards (shuffling or selecting the ones for the reading) you should calm yourself by closing your eyes and taking a couple of deep cleansing breaths.  I suggest that you then pick up the deck and hold it and even shuffle the cards while being mindful of your question.  This is the time that you make the connection with the cards, so try to be as serene and centered as you can.  I feel it is extremely important to have time with the cards in order for your energy to connect with the spirituality they hold.  If you rush this step, your reading could be drastically affected. 

The Attitude

Have an open spirit as you determine the messages in the cards and how they relate to your own life.  You may need to think about some of it for a few days before you “get it”. 

The tarot is indeed a powerful tool for you to use for guidance.  You must always remember however that its effectiveness is determined by several components.  For the most successful and trustworthy readings you will need to do everything you can to make sure that the cards, the reader, your spirit and the atmosphere are at their best for your reading.   As with anything else, if you use quality ingredients you will get a quality end product!<o:p></o:p>

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