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What Are the Questions You Can Ask With Tarot Readings
By TarotReadingSecrets Admin | Published 02/1/2007 | Tarot Reading |
What Are the Questions You Can Ask With Tarot Readings

TarotPeople seek assistance from the tarot cards for many reasons.  We are constantly in search of meaning and understanding the connections and relationships we have with others.  We want to know where we are headed and what it is we need to be learning from our experiences.

Don’t even try it

Although we have many questions about our life paths and our dealings along the way and the tarot can provide some very insightful guidance for us, there are certain things that simply do not make effective use of the tarot reading experience.  I strongly recommend that you think about what you want to ask of the tarot for a considerable time before posing the question at a reading.

Some things that you should keep in mind when determining what your question will be depend on what your question relates to.  For example if you are interested in knowing about a future relationship, the question “who will I marry” is an ineffectual query.  The tarot cannot name names.  The cards are representations and symbols that help you decipher what is already in your heart and soul.  This is a spiritual tool for guidance and because of its nature, it cannot provide specific data.  You must be willing to put a little effort into thinking about what your tarot reading tells you.  You must be willing to let the symbols sink into your subconscious to be unravelled by your conscious mind

Respect the subtlety

Tarot is an art form that has been around for centuries and mystics and spiritual people often use it for direction.  This type of guidance is rarely a clear and solid instruction, however.  You must understand the subtleness of this divination method and make yourself calm in order to receive the best possible connection with the cards. 

Try to accept that you must respect the methodology of this art in order to benefit from it.  Your will is a part of the combination of things that make up a successful reading.   Let the reading come in pieces as it does and let each card change the others as it does.  Respect that meanings may shift as all the cards and connections are determined, so let it all happen.

What can I ask?

You should have one question in mind when you have a reading done.  I suggest you form questions about the meanings of circumstances.  Things like “Will I be successful in my new venture?” or “What is the meaning of my failure in my career”?  When you ask questions that can let the tarot give you an overall picture and the interwoven pieces of it you will gain more insight into your life than if you focus too much on one small aspect.

Ask the tarot “How can I make the transition from being single to being married” and you will most likely get a good background reading that will offer up some good advice that will surprise you.

Ask how best to resolve a problem.  Ask how to relate to someone.  Ask how to relate to your children and be a better parent.  Ask how to learn what your true calling is.   I believe that if you ask questions yearning for guidance you will be given some good information about what the obstacles around you are and how you can deal with them.

Be open and honest

When forming your question for the tarot reading you should remember to be very honest with yourself.  Don’t form a question based on tenuous hope.  If you are hoping that a certain someone will notice you for example, don’t ask if you and that person will be happily married.  You will get a much more useful reading if you ask “how can I advance my personal relationships”.

Be open to the information that comes from the reading.  Take it all in and think about how it fits into your question.  If the reading indicates some kind of social activity, think about how that fits with what you asked.  Perhaps you should work at incorporating more social outings into your lifestyle.  Perhaps that way you will meet the person you will marry.  Perhaps you will meet a person that introduces you to the one you will marry.  In any case, be a little creative and thoughtful about how you interpret what comes from your reading.

If you don’t want to know something, then don’t ask!  Keep things positive and ask how to create something in your life rather than focusing on negatives.

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